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Wpływ preparatu TFX na aktywność proliferacyjną limfocytów karpi w badaniach in vivo i in vitro

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Influence of TFX on proliferative activity of carp lymphocytes in vivo and in vitro
Języki publikacji
The purpose of this experiment was to estimate the most effective doses of TFX, used in injection and in bath, for the stimulation of the activity of lymphocytes in common carp The study was performed on 9-month-old carps obtained after spring catches (in March). The fish were divided into 10 groups. Fish in groups I-IV were given TFX by intramuscular injection at doses of 20, 10, 0.5, and 0.2 mg/fish. Fish in groups VI-IX were bathed for 24, 48, and 96 hours in TFX at concentrations of 200, 100, 50, and 20 mg/l of water. Groups V and X were control. Blood samples were taken immediately after the administration of TFX in bath and after 2, 7, 14, and 28 days in groups I-IV and VIII-IX. The following parameters were determined: the number of leukocytes and lymphocytes in 1 μl of blood, the percentage of ANAE+ and E-rosette-forming cells, and the proliferative activity of lymphocyte cell cultures stimulated with Con A. Results: TFX at doses of 100, 200 mg/l of water and 10, 20 mg/fish administered by injection showed a suppressive effect on the parameters investigated. TFX at doses of 50, 20 mg/l of water and 0.5, 0.2 mg/fish caused an increase in the number of leukocytes and lymphocytes, a higher percentage of ANAE+ cells and rosette-forming cells, as well as a multiple increase in the proliferative activity of lymphocytes stimulated with Con A. The highest values were obtained after the administration of TFX in a 96-hour bath at a concentration of 50 mg/l of water.
Opis fizyczny
  • Zakład Chorób Ryb i Biologii, Wydział Medycyny Weterynaryjnej, Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy w Lublinie, ul.Akademicka 12, 20-033 Lublin
  • Zakład Chorób Ryb i Biologii, Wydział Medycyny Weterynaryjnej, Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy w Lublinie, ul.Akademicka 12, 20-033 Lublin
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