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2006 | 1 | 171-182
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On the need of the great dictionary of Polish

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It was about thirty years ago, when the edition of 'Slownik jezyka polskiego', ed. by W. Doroszewski (SJPD), the greatest general dictionary of Polish in 20th century was completed. This dictionary is the latest great-scale lexicographical undertaking in Poland. Then some smaller dictionaries were edited, e.g. 'Slownik jezyka polskiego' ed. by M. Szymczak, which is based on the SJPD materials. Up to 1990 lexicographical works in Poland were funded only by government. After 1990 a commercial period in Polish lexicography began. Linguists and lexicographers hoped, that the new organization of lexicographical works will cause its theoretical, methodological and technical development. However, the owners of new commercial editions were not interested in investing in modern and theoretically sophisticated lexicographical enterprises. The effect was, that the new general dictionaries of modern Polish, prepared in late 1990s were rather popular than scientific dictionaries, and the lexicographic description there was not satisfactory (both from technical and linguistic point of view). Therefore authors of this paper claim, that it is necessary today to start preparing a new great (more than 100 000 entries) general dictionary of Polish. The main scope of this dictionary project is to give an adequate description and empirical exemplification of modern Polish (after 1945). The description should comply with all contemporary semantic, syntactic, grammatical and lexicographic standards. The 'future' dictionary should be distributed primary in electronic version (on-line database or computer application) and should be prepared on the basis of computer corpora of Polish. After the preparation of the electronic basis of this dictionary, it would be possible to compose on this ground various types of dictionaries, e.g. dictionary of collocations, synonyms, idioms, etc. Preparation of this dictionary must be supported by governmental donations and grants.
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  • P. Zmigrodzki, Uniwersytet Slaski w Katowicach, Instytut Jezyka Polskiego, pl. Sejmu Slaskiego 1, 40-032 Katowice, Poland
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