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Inżynieria Powierzchni
2005 Nr 1 23-35
PL W artykule przedstawiono trzy sposoby oceny przemian fazowych w metalach, tzn. w skali: makro-mezo i mikroskopowej, uwzględniając przy tym proces symulacji komputerowej. Ponieważ w strukturze materiału zaznacza się wpływ temperatury, nacisków oraz naprężeń własnych i to w całej jego objętości, a pro[...]
EN Three kinds of approach from macro- meso- and micro-scopic viewpoints are summarized in this paper, relevant to simulating the phase transformation incorporating processes. Since the fields of material structure, temperature and stress/strain induced in a body in such process are coupled each other,[...]
Journal of Automation Mobile Robotics and Intelligent Systems
EN We propose a practical simple local navigation system inspired by the sequence learning mechanism of the entorhino-hippocampal system. The proposed system memorizes a route as sequences of landmarks in the same way humans do. The proposed local navigation system includes a local route memory unit, l[...]
Prace Naukowe Politechniki Warszawskiej. Konferencje
2005 z. 24 365--374
EN Ceramic Gas Turbine can achieve high thermal efficiency without cooling system of turbine blades. However, ceramic elements are too expensive for development and introduction stage. Thus a hybrid type gas turbine of ceramic parts and metal parts are designed and manufactured. The hottest parts i.e.,[...]
International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics
2015 Vol. 21, No. 2 141--149
EN Work ability is partly determined by physical and mental fitness. Bench step exercise can be practiced anywhere at any time. The aim of this study was to determine the effects of a bench step exercise on work ability by examining cardiovascular risk factors and oxidative stress. Thirteen volunteers [...]
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