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Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Technical Sciences
2016 Vol. 64, nr 2 447--454
EN The main objective of this article is to present a mathematical model for peristaltic transport in an inclined annulus. In this analysis, two-dimensional flow of a viscous nanofluid is observed in an inclined annulus with variable viscosity. Copper as nanoparticle with blood as its base fluid has be[...]
Journal of Power of Technologies
2013 Vol. 93, nr 2 122--132
EN The present investigation is carried for the problem of boundary layer stagnation point flow and heat transfer of couple stress fluid containing nanoparticles and flowing over an exponentially stretching surface in a porous medium. The governing equations of couple stress fluid model for velocity, t[...]
Archives of Mechanics
EN The two-dimensional flow problem of a third order incompressible fluid past an infinite porous plate is discussed when the suction velocity normal to the plate, as well as the the external flow velocity, varies periodically with time. The governing partial differential equation is of third order and[...]
Journal of Power of Technologies
EN The peristaltic flow of a Prandtl fluid model in an endoscope is analyzed. The flow is modelled in both fixed and wave frame of references. The peristaltic wave move with the speed c. We have used regular perturbation method for the solutions of velocity profile. Expression of pressure gradient and [...]
International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering
EN This study looks the series solution for the flow of a third grade fluid in a rotating frame. The flow is induced by non-coaxial rotations of porous oscillating disk and a fluid at infinity. It is noted that the obtained expressions for velocity components are valid for all values of the frequencies[...]
Journal of Power of Technologies
EN In this paper an analysis is carried out to examine the effects of natural convection heat transfer for steady boundary layer flow of an Eyring Powell fluid flowing through a vertical circular cylinder. The governing partial differential equations along with the boundary conditions are reduced to di[...]
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