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Journal of KONES
2013 Vol. 20, No. 3 353--358
EN This paper presents the results of the studies on a special vehicle Polaris Ranger 6×6 800 equipped with the ”Crossbow” antiaircraft rocket launcher, manufactured by TELESYSTEM-MESKO Sp z o. o. Implementation and Manufacture Centre. The supporting structure of the launcher made the main object of [...]
Elektro Info
2002 nr 5 18--22
PL Komunikacja optyczna za pomocą niespójnego światła widzialnego o długości falowej od 380 nm do 780 nm znana była od bardzo dawna, jednak dopiero badania nad korpuskularno-falową naturą światła, które prowadzono w latach 60. XX wieku umożliwiły modulację światła laserowego sygnałem cyfrowym, co pozwo[...]
Journal of Polish CIMAC
2011 Vol. 6, no 3 327-338
EN Grinding of biological materials is an energy-consuming process. During grain decohesion, complex strain state occurs induced by compressing, twisting, bending, tearing, cracking, grinding or shearing. The work attempts to find structural solutions of the grinding and process control system enabling[...]
Advances in Science and Technology Research Journal
EN The paper proposes a method of numerical encoding of large welded structures with the use of multisets. The method takes the types of details and connections that occur in structures into consideration. Mathematical optimization model for multistage structure assembly schedule was defined. Comparati[...]
Czasopismo Techniczne. Architektura
PL Tematem artykułu jest omówienie wpływu formy struktury na sposób odczytywania (narracji) obiektu prowadzonej przez architekta. Wpływ ten został omówiony w oparciu o wybrane przykłady w odniesieniu do tradycji modernizmu, postmodernizmu, dekonstuktywizmu i neomodernizmu.
EN The subject of this article is about influence of form of the structures on the way of reading (narration) of object, made by architect. This influence is described on the base of chosen examples in relation to tradions of modernism, postmodernism, deconstructivism and neomodernism.
Journal of Polish CIMAC
2012 Vol. 7, no 3 327-332
EN Spheroidal cast iron was treated thermomechanically both in high as well as low temperature. The two temperatures we adopted for isothermal quenching were 370° and 300° C. Plastic deformation was obtained by rolling with 25% deformation. Testing was conducted on flat samples used for stretching with[...]
EN The thermic welding of rails is carried out in the following sequence: a mould is placed on the rails to be joined; a crucible is mounted on a special bracket; a portion of thermite is charged; the rail ends are pre-heated and thermite is ignited by a special ignition primer. On Latvian Railway, the[...]
2009 nr 9-10 XXXIX-XLIV
PL Przedstawiono opis modelu kompleksowego elektrostatycznej mikrostruktury grzebieniowej MEMS. Układ taki wykorzystywany może być jako przezroczysty przełącznik w sieciach optycznych DWDM. Przedstawiono opis modelu obwodowego oraz analizę mechaniczną z uwzględnieniem tłumienia w ośrodkach lepkich taki[...]
EN Described is the complex model of an electrostatic comb-drive microstructure MEMS. Such a system can be used as a transparent optical cross-connect in DWDM networks. Presented is description of a circuit model as well as the mechanic analysis considering damping effect in a viscous medium like air. [...]
Journal of Achievements in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering
EN Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to present the technique of manufacturing the composite materials based on porous ceramic preforms infiltrated by liquid aluminium alloy and examination of the structure and corrosion resistance of those materials. Design/methodology/approach: The material for i[...]
Wiadomości Elektrotechniczne
PL Przedstawiono parametry konstrukcyjno-eksploatacyjne rozdzielnicy 400 kV w izolacji SF6, wskazując na możliwość jej zastosowania w niewielkich pomieszczeniach oraz dla różnych konfiguracji pól stacyjnych.
EN The paper presents design- operational parameters of SF6 insulated 400 kV switchgear, indicating possibility of its application in small spaces and in different configurations of switch bays.
2008 nr 6-7 233-237
PL Kładki dla pieszych zawieszone wysoko nad rzeką Trisulą są ciekawe konstrukcyjnie. Ażurowe pomosty podwieszone są do głównych lin nośnych wieszakami z prętów stalowych. Ponieważ liny nośne są jednocześnie poręczami, pomosty mają taką samą zaklęsłą niweletę jak liny.
EN Pedestrian bridges suspended high over Trisula River are interesting from structural point of view. Open-work platforms are suspended on main cables by steel wire suspenders. Since main cables serve as pedestrian railing, the platforms have the same concave alignment as main cables.
Materials Science
EN The processes of electrosynthesis, electrochemical behaviour and electrochromic properties of polyaminoarenes of different nature and position of substitutents in benzene ring - poly-o-(m)- aminophenols, poly-o-toluidine, poly-o-methoxyaniline and polyaniline have been st[...]
Polish Journal of Chemistry
2007 Vol. 81, nr 7 1313-1320
EN Apolynuclear silver(I) cluster polymer [(Et4N)(Ag2I3)]n 1 with iodo-bridging ligands has been prepared by low-temperature solid-state reaction. Single crystal X-ray analyses reveal that compound 1 possesses a new type of one-dimensional (1-D) structure. The cluster anion of the title compound can be[...]
Computer Methods in Materials Science
PL Optymalizacja procesów kucia oraz obróbki cieplnej w celu osiągnięcia zadanych właściwości mechanicznych oraz odpowiedniej struktury materiałowej możliwa jest dzięki rozbudowie oprogramowania przeznaczonego do symulacji tych dwóch procesów. W niniejszym artykule przedstawiono metodę modelowania stru[...]
EN Development of the simulation software of the technological processes such as forging and heat treatment provides the application of the optimization the technology for achievement the established level of mechanical properties and structure. In the work was considered prediction of the structure an[...]
Polish Journal of Chemistry
EN Complex of palladium(II) with 2-mercapto-1-methylimidazole has been prepared and studied by elemental analyses, X-ray diffraction, IR and far-IR spectroscopy and magnetic measurements. The crystal structure of the complex has been determined as follows: triclinic system, space group P1, a=8,78(7)A, [...]
Polish Journal of Chemistry
1998 Vol. 72, nr 12 2541-2545
EN Reactions of N-aryl-N-(4,5-dihydro-1H-imidazo-2-yl)-hydroxylamines 1a-d with methanesulfonyl chloride in the presence of triethylamine afforded 2,3-dihydroimidazo[1,2-a]benzimidazoles 2a-d. The latter compounds treated with acetic anhydride, methane or phenylsulfonyl chlorides gave N-1 acetyl or N-1[...]
Polish Journal of Chemistry
2006 Vol. 80, nr 9 1533-1539
EN A polynuclear silver(I) complex {[(t-Bu)4N]2[Ag6I8]} n 1 with iodo-bridging ligands has been prepared, the centrosymmetric cluster anion can be described as two [Ag4I4] distorted cubane units sharing one [Ag2I2] plane. This cluster polymer shows strong third-order nonlinear optical (NLO) absorption [...]
Prace Naukowe Instytutu Cybernetyki Technicznej Politechniki Wrocławskiej. Konferencje
EN Multi-legged walking robots, old walking machines, old Chinese machine, contemporary four-legged machines, are given. Six-legged walking machines as well as description of selected machines are discussed. At the end, six-legged mili-walking robot HERMES and some experimental results are given.
Polish Maritime Research
2011 nr 1 27-31
EN The article presents the structures of porous slide bearing bushes and greasy lubricants, and the similarity criterion resulting from these structures. A physical model is proposed which describes the operation of the porous slide bearing bush taking into account, via analogy, the phenomena taking p[...]
ECONTECHMOD : An International Quarterly Journal on Economics of Technology and Modelling Processes
EN As part of the solution of problem optimization of large-scale facilities carried out formalization of the system description of large-scale monitoring, defined the composition and the relationship subsets of elements, relationships, topologies and properties. Formulated the mathematical model and t[...]
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