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w słowach kluczowych:  stress analysis
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Prace Naukowe Katedry Budowy Maszyn. Seria Konferencje / Politechnika Śląska
1998 nr 1, t. 2 179-184
PL Temat pracy stanowi analiza kołowych delaminacji umiejscowionych między warstwami kompozytu, różniącymi się grubością i kierunkiem zbrojenia. Rozkład energii pękania wyznaczono posługując się metodą pracy zamknięcia szczeliny. We wszystkich analizowanych przypadkach stwierdzono, że jednoosiowe obci[...]
EN In order to determine the stress concentrations induced by elastic inclusions in fibre-reinforced structures an extended analytical model is developed. The calculation of the stress fields is based on the method of conformal mappings combined with the method of complex-valued stress functions. Examp[...]
Drewno : prace naukowe, doniesienia, komunikaty
EN The purpose of this paper is to formulate an approximate numerical model for adhesive scarf joints in wooden beams under the assumption that the joint is deformable. This approximate model is founded on observations resulting from the general solution of the plane linear theory of elasticity. It is [...]
Zeszyty Naukowe Katedry Mechaniki Stosowanej / Politechnika Śląska
2001 s. 17 221-224
PL Praca dotyczy możliwości wykorzystania rozwiązań numerycznych, uzyskiwanych przy pomocy systemów analizy naprężeń wspomagania komputerowego projektowania w sposób podobny do użycia rozwiązań symbolicznych. Otwiera to możliwość użycia tych rozwiązań np. w lepkosprężystości, przez zastąpienie stałych [...]
EN The presented paper proposes a possibility of utilization of numerical solutions obtained from a stress analysis system of a computer aided design similarly as a symbolic solutions. This opens a possibility of use of this solutions e.g. in viscoelasticity, replacing in the existing solution values o[...]
Archives of Metallurgy and Materials
2017 Vol. 62, iss. 3 1597--1601
EN Fatigue behavior of the branch connection made of low-alloyed steel with yield stress of 355 MPa during low-cycle bending test is investigated in the article. Numerical prediction of the stress and strain distribution are described and experimentally verified by fatigue test of the branch connection[...]
Annales Societatis Geologorum Poloniae
EN A study of the second-order folds in the eastern part of the Silesian Nappe allows one to distinguish two groups of structures: longitudinal ones and those orientated obliquely to the strike of the first-order fold axes. Analysis of orientation of the second-order fold axes has made it possible to r[...]
Applied Computer Science
EN Stress analysis obtained from CAE methods is one of the most important parameter of designing parts, assemblies and constructions. Loads and stress limits applied on the model should be known also for better design procedure. Evaluation of all parameters is known as optimization. Designed model shou[...]
Materials Science Poland
2010 Vol. 28, No. 1 255--263
EN Indentation techniques are largely used nowadays for characterizing the intrinsic mechanical properties of brittle materials. A cyclic indentation tests have been carried out on soda lime glass and borosilicate glass using an instrumented indentation apparatus. Repeated post-threshold Vickers indent[...]
Fatigue of Aircraft Structures
2016 Iss. 8 97--103
EN This paper concerns fatigue testing of the rotor of the propulsion system for the MOSUPS – an unmanned aircraft designed in a joint wing configuration, and equipped with a ducted propeller. The work presents the analysis of the stresses and deformations of the rotor structure as well as the form of [...]
Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Technical Sciences
EN In the paper, a solution to the problem of elastic deformation of thin-walled shell structures with complex shapes within the theory of geometrically non-linear shells has been presented. It is a modification of the Newton-Raphson method. In a variational formulation, the prob-lem is based on a Lagr[...]
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
2014 Vol. 52 nr 3 745--755
EN Freight wagons carry higher axle loads and may travel along tracks of lower quality. This can be interpreted as higher dynamic loading of freight bogies especially for tanker cars that are subjected to sloshing loading. Rail irregularities, particularly during braking and running on curved tracks in[...]
Zeszyty Naukowe. Mechanika / Politechnika Opolska
2005 z. 82 249-256
PL W pracy przedstawiono wyniki badań stanu odkształceń i naprężeń w strefie kontaktu w połączeniu nitowanym w warunkach obciążeń zmęczeniowych. Badane złącze odzwierciedla fragment typowej aluminiowej struktury lotniczej. Analizę odkształceń i naprężeń lokalnych przeprowadzono z zastosowaniem zlokaliz[...]
EN The results of investigations of stress and strain state in contact zone in riveted joints during fatigue loading were presented in the paper. The tested joints represent the part of typical aluminum aeronautical structure. The stress and strain analysis was conducted using localized hybrid method [...]
Archives of Metallurgy and Materials
2019 Vol. 64, iss. 4 1471--1478
EN The article presents an analysis of stresses in the current tool system of the die during the implementation of the third forging operation of the screw M12 class 10.9 with cylinder head and hexagonal socket. It was assumed that the level of negative cracking due to stress can be reduced by using a [...]
Metrology and Measurement Systems
EN Digital photoelasticity is an important optical metrology follow-up for stress and strain analysis using full-field digital photographic images. Advances in digital image processing, data acquisition, procedures for pattern recognition and storage capacity enable the use of the computer-aided techni[...]
International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering
EN In the present work, a finite element program based on the classical lamination theory improved by Vinson's weighting function to include transverse shear effects is developed for the analysis of laminated composite plates. The finite element analysis of a clamped three layered square symmetric lami[...]
Zeszyty Naukowe Katedry Mechaniki Stosowanej / Politechnika Śląska
2001 z. 15 71-76
PL Artykuł zawiera wyniki obliczeń naprężeń w zębach beczki wirników oraz ich analizę w odniesieniu do wirników modernizowanych: turbogeneratora o mocy 130 MW oraz turbogeneratora o mocy 200 MW. Dla pierwszego podano analizę wpływu wykonania tzw. podżłobka na wartości i rozkład naprężeń w zębach beczki[...]
EN The results of calculation stresses using finite elements and analysis of stresses on the example of modernized turbogenerators 130 MW as well as 200 MW are shown in the paper. The analysis of influence of the shape of deepening of slot stresses in teeth of rotor's barrel is also presented.
Zeszyty Naukowe Katedry Mechaniki Stosowanej / Politechnika Śląska
2003 z. 20 442-448
PL Praca jest kontynuacją numerycznej analizy naprężeń w nawęglanych hartowanych nieskończenie długich stalowych cylindrach. Rozważania oparte są na modelu Sjostroma [7] i na doświadczalnych danych Ericssona i Hildenwalla [2]. Wykorzystano model Avramiego [1], Fletchera [3] i teorię Inoue Ranieckiego [[...]
EN The paper contains a description of the numerical methods of stress analysis in hardened steel cylinders made of carbon steel. The calculations are based on Sjöstrom model [7] and the experimental data of Ericsson and Hildenwall [2]. The works of Avrami [1], Fletcher [3] and the theory of Inoue and [...]
International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering
EN The present paper describes a new approach to analytical solution of two-dimensional stress problems of orthotropic composite materials. In this approach, the elastic problem is formulated in terms of a single potential function, defined in terms of the displacement components, which satisfies a sin[...]
Aktualne Problemy Biomechaniki
2007 z. 1 35--38
PL W artykule przedstawiono badania, których celem była analiza stanu naprężeń lejkowatej klatki piersiowej. Do celów analizy sformułowano model uwzględniający: żebra, mostek, elementy chrzęstne klatki piersiowej, kręgi oraz krążki międzykręgowe. Model został sformułowany w programie Ansys.
EN In this paper researcher concern analysis of stress of funnel chest are presented. For this purpose war created model , taking into considerations: ribs, sternum, cartilage connections, vertebrae and intervertebral discs. The model is formulated in Ansys program.
Modelowanie Inżynierskie
PL Praca dotyczy analizy zagadnień związanych z modelowaniem struktur kompozytowych o geometrii rurowej. Głównym celem pracy było zaprojektowanie struktury wielowarstwowej nawijanej rury kompozytowej w taki sposób, aby po obciążeniu rozkład naprężeń obwodowych był możliwie jednorodny, co dawałoby szans[...]
EN The paper concerns analysis of the issues concerning the modeling of tubular composite structures. The main issue of the work is to design a multilayer structure of filament-wound composite pipes in such a manner, that following loading, the hoop stress distibution would be as uniform as possible. T[...]
2017 R. 90, nr 7 618--620
PL Przedstawiono metodykę badań numerycznych i doświadczalnych dotyczących naprężeń w wałku do transportu tkaniny tekstylnej, pozyskanym z linii produkcyjnej. Wyniki obu analiz zostały porównane, a badany obiekt zweryfikowano w aspekcie bezpieczeństwa jego eksploatacji.
EN Presented is the methodology of conducted numerical tests and experiments on the stress analysis in the roller for transporting textile fabrics, gained directly from the production line. The results of both analyses were compared and the tested object verified in terms of its operational safety.
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