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w słowach kluczowych:  residual stresses
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Journal of KONES
EN The work was done as apart of the IMPERJA Eureka Project. The goal of the IMPERJA project is to increase the fatigue life of riveted joints, which will lead to an increase of the aircraft service life, a smaller number of inspections and lower operation costs of an aircraft. The consortium intends t[...]
Journal of KONES
EN Riveting is a traditional, but still popular (particularly in aviation) method of joining metal and composite elements. The residual stress and plastic strain states occur in the joint after the riveting process. The total stress aperienced by the material at a given location within a component depe[...]
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
2009 Vol. 47 nr 3 599-616
PL Przewidywanie szczątkowych naprężeń wywoływanych obróbką skrawaniemw materiale próbki stanowi interesujące zagadnienie modelowania tego typu technologii wytwarzania. Mimo, że analiza oparta na elementach skończonych znalazła szerokie zastosowanie w tej dziedzinie, jej skuteczność jest problematyczna[...]
EN Prediction of machining-induced residual stresses is an interesting objective in the field of modelling manufacturing processes. Although Finite Element Analysis (FEA) has been widely used for this purpose, many problems are found when the numerical model is developed. Computational cost and numeric[...]
Inżynieria Materiałowa
2012 Vol. 33, nr 6 682--684
PL Praca dotyczy analizy stanu naprężeń własnych w warstwie chromokrzemowanej. Badania porównawcze wykonano dla warstwy chromowanej. Warstwy dyfuzyjne wytwarzano metodą proszkową w temperaturze 1000°C przez 8 h na powierzchni stali C90U. Wykonano badania mikrostruktury, składu fazowego i chemicznego wa[...]
EN The objective of this study was to analyze the state of residual stress in the chromosiliconized layer. The chromized layer was used as a reference standard. Diffusion layers were produced on the surface of C90U steel by the powder method, at a temperature of 1000°C for 8 hours. The microstructure, [...]
Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering
PL Przedstawiono przegląd spotykanych w literaturze sposobów prognozowania wyniku szlifowania. Omówiono ich zalety i ograniczenia. Korzystając z metodyki modelowania neuronowego, zaprezentowano sposób prognozowania wyników szlifowania pozostających trwale w przedmiocie obrabianym. Opracowano model pozw[...]
EN In the paper, a neural model allowing us to forecast chosen surface layer features of the ground workpiece is described. The model was used for analysing the influence of wheel characteristics and dressing conditions on surface roughness of workpiece and residual stresses. The relationships publishe[...]
Archives of Metallurgy and Materials
PL Każdy proces formowania metalu powoduje tworzenie się naprężeń własnych w wyprodukowanych wyrobach. Naprężenia własne mogą być źródłem odkształceń. Aby określić czy naprężenia własne z poprzedniego etapu przetwarzania są przyczyną niekontrolowanej zmiany kształtu przed kolejną operacją, można zastos[...]
EN Every process of metal forming causes formation of residual stresses in manufactured products. The residual stresses can be source of deformation. To determine, if residual stress from prior stage of processing is the cause of non-controllable distortion before next process a useful, cheap and easy [...]
Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki Białostockiej. Mechanika
2001 Z.24 307-316
EN This paper deals with the numerical simulation of welding. The introduction discusses the challenging problems under the solution and describes the numerical simulation of welding procedure used. It analyses individual parts of welding simulation - metallurgical, thermal and thermoplastic analysis. [...]
Journal of Machine Engineering
EN Super Alloys, commonly used in safety-critical aerospace components, regularly impose problems when machined in drilling or milling processes, resulting in surface damages that facilitate cracks. Residual stresses are often induced to prevent crack mitigation, but national aviation agencies set high[...]
Hutnik, Wiadomości Hutnicze
PL W pracy przedstawiono analizę naprężeń własnych otrzymanych w procesie ciągnienia drutów wykonanych ze stali niskowęglowej. Drut ciągnięto ze średnicy 20 mm na średnicę 18 mm w jednym ciągu. Przedstawiono wyniki symulacji komputerowej opartej na metodzie elementów skończonych dla elastoplastycznego [...]
EN Residual stresses caused by cold drawing of low carbon steel wires have been studied. A wire was drawn from 20 mm diameter until 18 mm in one pass. An elastoplastic FEM simulation was performed using several constitutive models for the material. One of them takes the anisotropy due to the crystallog[...]
Advances in Science and Technology Research Journal
EN Thermal energy produced by discrete and random electric sparks in electric discharge machining (EDM) melts surface material. A portion of this molten material is removed and the remaining material resolidified by rapid cooling in a hydrocarbon oil. The effect of repeated heating and cooling of the s[...]
Archives of Metallurgy and Materials
2016 Vol. 61, iss. 4 1963--1968
EN This paper concerns issues related to the development of designs of stabilizer bars for new motor vehicle models. It involves not only the designing of a stabilizer bar with the shape required by the manufacturer, but also the preparation of bending and heat treatment processes as well as the perfor[...]
Transactions of the Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery
2012 nr 124 41--49
EN This paper analyzes the possibility of resonances within a control stage of a high speed turbine. An original method for steady state operation is used for the analysis of the stiffness matrix representing: initial displacement blade (nominal shape blade obtained by nominal working point of turbine)[...]
Advances in Materials Science
EN Mechanical surface treatments such as shot peening or ball-burnishing induce high dislocation densities and residual compressive stresses in near-surface regions. In addition, the surface roughness is changed. Micro-hardness and residual stress-depth profiles are evaluated in Ti-6Al-4V as a function[...]
Materials Science Poland
2005 Vol. 23, No. 2 529--534
EN Ceramic-elastomer composites are obtained by the infiltration of porous ceramics by an elastomer prior to the curing reaction at elevated temperatures. Because the elastomer and the ceramic have different expansion coefficients thermal stresses are generated during cooling to ambient temperature. In[...]
Archives of Metallurgy and Materials
EN Conventional shot peening (SP) is cheap surface treatment widely used to enhance fatigue life of mechanical components [3,4]. Basically, it is shooting small particles (shots) on the surface of the sample. However, the process itself is so complex that a lot of companies are not able to optimally em[...]
Archives of Metallurgy and Materials
2018 Vol. 63, iss. 3 1385--1392
EN Twist extrusion is a processing method involving the extrusion of a sample with a prismatic cross-section using a tool composed of four prismatic parts bisected by a screw component. A beneficial change in mechanical durability is one of the main factors enabling the use of highly durable Al-Mg-Mn-[...]
Management Systems in Production Engineering
2019 nr 4 (27) 236--241
EN The production of two-wheeled rolling stock represents, at first glance, a simple assembly process that significantly affects the overall functionality and safety of the vehicle. This is due to residual stresses that arise after assembly by pressing the wheel on the axle. The state of stress after a[...]
Computer Methods in Materials Science
PL Bimetalowe walce używane w grupie wstępnej walcowni taśm na gorąco powinny charakteryzować się zarówno wysoką odpornością na zużycie powierzchni jak i zwiększoną wytrzymałością materiału podstawowego. Omawiany w artykule bimetalowy walec można otrzymać poprzez pionowe odlewanie, następnie chłodzenie[...]
EN Bimetallic rolls used in the roughing stands of the Hot Strip Mill require mixed properties as a high wear resistance for the shell material and an enhanced toughness for the core material. The bimetallic roll studied in this paper is obtained from a vertical spin casting process followed by cooling[...]
Journal of Achievements in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering
EN Purpose: The aim of this paper is to show how varying cross section thickness of tested product and calibration sample can depend on results of the residual stress measurements by the Barkhausen Noise method. Design/methodology/approach: The Barkhausen noise parameters as RMS value and total number [...]
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