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AGH Drilling, Oil, Gas
2013 Vol. 30, no. 1 269--286
EN Tripping events are expensive and time-consuming. Thus, minimizing tripping time through choosing optimized tripping velocity becomes urgent. Surge or swab pressures in the wellbore and dynamic loading of drillstring will be generated during tripping. Also, dynamic velocity, which is the velocity at[...]
Przegląd Elektrotechniczny
2003 R. 79, nr 10 690-692
EN The paper presents a new toolbox containing a wide range of optimization methods to be used by students in undergraduate studies of electrical engineering. Both deterministic and stochastic optimization techniques can be applied to a large set of known test functions. The computer laboratory course [...]
Control and Cybernetics
EN The well-known problem of price-based coordinability is studied for the case of a multi-agent system in which information regarding the goals of the interacting subsystems is asymmetric. The paper illustrates how the uniform-price-based coordination rulet may create incentives to anticipate the valu[...]
Computer Assisted Mechanics and Engineering Sciences
EN During the manufacturing process of multilayered fibre-reinforced composites with variable fibre orientations, residual stresses build up due to the directional expansion of the single unidirectionally reinforced layers. Dependent on the laminate lay-up, these inhomogeneous residual stresses, which [...]
Computer Applications in Electrical Engineering
2013 Vol. 11 370--379
EN The article presents results of research on the calculation of the shape of a mirror reflector, which ensures the highest possible average illuminance, and uniformity of illuminance. A multiobjective genetic algorithm was used to carry out optimization calculations.
Gospodarka Materiałowa i Logistyka
2010 nr 1 30-32
PL Podejmowanie w logistyce wielu trudnych decyzji o charakterze ilościowym stanowi proces przetwarzania informacji wymagający stosowania badań operacyjnych. Możliwość praktycznego wykorzystania badań operacyjnych umożliwiają komputery oraz ich odpowiednie oprogramowanie, które opracowano na bazie odpo[...]
EN In the article the general rule of functioning of chosen optimization, simulation and heuristic methods and models was presented. These tools are very useful in nowadays logistics, various industrial branches and material management.
Decision Making in Manufacturing and Services
EN In the paper, we consider a problem of scheduling a set of tasks on a single processor. Each task must be preprocessed before it can be started on a processor. The efficiency of preprocessing is variable, i.e., the rate of the task preprocessing depends on the amount of continuously divisible resour[...]
Electrical Power Quality and Utilisation. Journal
EN The installation of electronic devices, digital equipment, and nonlinear loads in both industrial and domestic applications have dramatically increased in recent years, which in turn increased the level of harmonics in the system. Harmonic distortion is widely recognized as a significant cause of da[...]
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
2018 Vol. 56 nr 4 1179--1191
EN The purpose of this paper is to present a novel mechatronic system for gait re-education which consists of a body weight support system (BWS system) and a treadmill. This publication covers mainly issues related to the design and optimization process of a control algorithm dedicated for the unloadin[...]
Transactions of the Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery
2003 nr 113 75--83
EN Nowadays, various programs for optimization and simulation of power systems are used. Mathematical model based on particular system element characteristics is a core of this type of programs. How accurate the modelling is depends on the accuracy of implemented characteristics. In the course of time,[...]
2009 nr 3 CD-CD
PL W referacie przeprowadzono analizę przedsiębiorstwa transportowego oraz określono działania poprawiające jego kondycję ekonomiczną. Określono strumienie zgłoszeń transportowych oraz obciążeń pojazdów eksploatowanych w przedsiębiorstwie, po analizie tych danych określono wykorzystanie pojazdów oraz w[...]
EN It carry analysis of transport enterprise in abstract and operations economic form definite improving correcting. Flows of transport applications definite and in enterprise loads of vehicles exploited, utilization of vehicle define it after analysis data and largeness of transport application in dis[...]
2009 nr 3 CD-CD
PL Artykuł poświęcony jest konstrukcji automatycznego, zapasowego systemu nawigacji radarowej. Jedna z koncepcji wspomnianego systemu zakłada wykorzystanie systemu pław do wyznaczenia pozycji jednostki. Dokładność takiego systemu zależy od rozmieszczenia pław na akwenie. W artykule zaproponowano algory[...]
EN The paper is devoted to construction of a system to coastal navigation. To fix position the system uses the information about buoys surrounding a ship. Accuracy of the system is influenced on location of buoys on the given area of the sea. The paper suggests using genetic algorithms to arrange the b[...]
Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research
2019 Vol. 9, No. 3 205--218
EN Cases where the derivative of a boundary value problem does not exist or is constantly changing, traditional derivative can easily get stuck in the local optima or does not factually represent a constantly changing solution. Hence the need for evolutionary algorithms becomes evident. However, evolut[...]
Applied Computer Science
2006 Vol. 2, no 2 93--104
EN In the paper the portfolio of financial assets has been formulated using the fuzzy numbers idea and the statistical information concerning assets. The optimization task of the portfolio structure has been formulated for two types of fuzzy numbers. The data from Polish ma rket have been used for e[...]
Applied Computer Science
EN This contribution deals with business process optimization and management. The aim of this paper is to introduce new CQT methodology for process management and optimization. This new methodology combines known principles and methods for the process management and optimization. The CQT (Cost-Quali[...]
Applied Computer Science
EN Stress analysis obtained from CAE methods is one of the most important parameter of designing parts, assemblies and constructions. Loads and stress limits applied on the model should be known also for better design procedure. Evaluation of all parameters is known as optimization. Designed model shou[...]
Foundations of Computing and Decision Sciences
2019 Vol. 44, No. 3 261--271
EN In this research note the satisficing newsvendor problem is considered which is defined as the maximization of the probability of exceeding the expected profit multiplied by a positive constant. This constant called optimism coefficient can be chosen by the firm's management either based on their pr[...]
Transactions on Environment and Electrical Engineering
EN This article introduces the switched reluctance machine operating as a generator. This kind of electrical machine delivers CC power at the output and the energy generated can be controlled through several variables. In this work, the switching angles of the machine's power converter are optimized us[...]
Polish Journal of Chemical Technology
EN Attempts were made to optimize variables affecting the yield of linseed oil biodiesel in a base catalyzed transesterification reaction. The variables studied were reaction temperature (40-70oC), catalyst (NaOH) concentration (0.1-1.5%) and reaction time (30-180 min). The conversion of linseed oil in[...]
Polish Journal of Chemical Technology
EN Recently, concerns about arsenic have been increased due to its high acute toxicity to human and serious environmental problems. In this study, the ability of Halorcula sp. IRU1, a novel halophilic archaea isolated from Urmia lake, Iran for arsenic bioaccumulation was investigated and optimized by T[...]
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