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Fundamenta Informaticae
EN In this paper we introduce a state-estimation method that uses a short-term memory to calculate the current state. A common way to solve state estimation problems is to use implementations of the Bayesian algorithm like Kalman filters or particle filters. When implementing a Bayesian filter several [...]
Pomiary Automatyka Robotyka
2011 R. 15, nr 2 344-353
PL W pracy omówiono metody określenia zmian położenia robota mobilnego w środowisku 3D. Przedstawiono dwie implementacje filtru cząsteczkowego, których celem jest przyśpieszenie obliczeń. Omówiono metodę, w której zmiana położenia i orientacji odbywa się oddzielnie oraz metodę wykorzystującą procesory [...]
EN In the article the overview of localization methods is presented. Two modifications of particle filter algorithm are described. In the first approach the position and orientation of the mobile robot are determined separately. In second method parallel processing units are used. Both methods allow us[...]
Materials Science Poland
2004 Vol. 22, No. 4 545--551
EN The aim of this report is to investigate electronic properties of a chain of atoms when its translational symmetry is broken by a topological disorder. The study uses the inverse participant ratio to obtain information on the localization of electrons in phase space.
Materials Science Poland
2004 Vol. 22, No. 4 553--563
EN We use a simple formalism to calculate the conductance of any quantum network consisting of single-channel one-dimensional quantum wires in the presence of Rashba spin-orbit coupling and a coupling magnetic field. We show that the Rashba effect may give rise to an electron localization phenomenon si[...]
Elektronika : konstrukcje, technologie, zastosowania
PL Pozycjonowanie osób i obiektów za sprawą satelitarnych systemów lokalizacji stało się w ostatnich latach bardzo łatwe. Znalazło ono liczne implementacje m.in. w nawigacjach samochodowych oraz telefonach komórkowych. Jednak ten sposób pozycjonowania może zostać użyty w stosunku do obiektów, które chc[...]
EN Positioning of persons and objects thanks to global navigation satellite systems is very easy in recent years) A lot of GPS implementations are known, e.g. car navigation systems or cellular phones. However, this kind of positioning can be applied for objects which want to know their position and ha[...]
Journal of Automation Mobile Robotics and Intelligent Systems
EN Mobile, personal devices are getting more capable every year. Equipped with advanced sensors, mobile devices can use them as a viable platform to implement and test more complex algorithms. This paper presents an energy-efficient person localization system allowing to detect already visited places. [...]
Measurement Automation Monitoring
EN The goal of the study was to assess the manner in which the direction of an industrial truck auditory danger signal is perceived in the presence of noise. A particular element of the study was the reconstruction in the laboratory of actual workplace conditions using acoustic signals recorded in the [...]
Journal of Telecommunications and Information Technology
2016 nr 4 53--59
EN In this paper, the localization of wideband source with an algorithm to track a moving source is investigated. To locate the wideband source, the estimation of two directions of arrival (DOA) of this source from two different arrays of sensors is used, and then, a recursive algorithm is applied to p[...]
International Journal of Electronics and Telecommunications
EN The performance and efficiency of a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is typically subject to techniques used in data routing, clustering, and localization. Being primarily driven by resource constraints, a Socionomic model has been formulated to optimize resource usage and boost collaboration among sen[...]
Przegląd Komunikacyjny
PL Autorska analiza różnych wariantów lokalizacji nowego portu lotniczego dla Warszawy z punktu widzenia dostępności dla mieszkańców i podmiotów gospodarczych w poszczególnych strefach odległości od lotniska (w aspektach lokalnym i regionalnym).
EN Original analysis of different localization variants for new Warsaw airport from the point of view of accessibility for the inhabitants and economic subject with regard to their distance form the airport . local and regional aspects.
Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Technical Sciences
EN An evolutionary method for analogue integrated circuits diagnosis is presented in this paper. The method allows for global parametric faults localization at the prototype stage of life of an analogue integrated circuit. The presented method is based on the circuit under test response base and the ad[...]
Journal of Telecommunications and Information Technology
2009 nr 3 59-67
EN Wireless sensor network localization is a complex problem that can be solved using different types of methods and algorithms. Nowadays, it is a popular research topic. What becomes obvious is that there are several criteria which are essential when we consider wireless sensor networks. Our objective[...]
Journal of Automation Mobile Robotics and Intelligent Systems
EN The estimation of a vehicle configuration in its environment is mostly solved by Bayesian methods. Interval analysis allows an alternative approach: bounded-error localization. Such an approach provides a bounded set of configuration that is guaranteed to include the actual vehicle configuration. Th[...]
Problemy Mechatroniki : uzbrojenie, lotnictwo, inżynieria bezpieczeństwa
EN The paper deals with utilization of the laser rangefinder for navigation and mapping of unknown indoor environment. The navigation algorithm is based on comparison of two pictures of the unknown space and gain of the correlation function maximum. The 2D position change of the rangefinder is calculat[...]
Optica Applicata
2013 Vol. 43, nr 1 187--194
EN We performed cathodoluminescence (CL) investigations of zinc oxide monolayers obtained by atomic layer deposition. Layers of different thickness were deposited on commercial GaN/sapphire templates. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) system equipped with CL allows direct comparison of SEM images and [...]
Archives of Acoustics
EN The objective of the study is to assess the hearing performance of cochlear implant users in three device microphone configurations: omni-directional, directional, and beamformer (BEAMformer two-adaptive noise reduction system), in localization and speech perception tasks in dynamically changing lis[...]
Archives of Acoustics
2015 Vol. 40, No. 4 561--567
EN The paper demonstrates that blind people localize sounds more accurately than sighted people by using monaural and/or binaural cues. In the experiment, blind people participated in two tests; the first one took place in the laboratory and the second one in the real environment under different noise [...]
Metrology and Measurement Systems
2015 Vol. 22, nr 1 111--118
EN A sensing system utilizing a standard optical fiber as a distributed sensor for the detection and localization of mechanical vibrations is presented. Vibrations can be caused by various external factors, like moving people, cars, trains, and other objects producing mechanical vibrations that are sen[...]
Advances in Science and Technology Research Journal
EN With an explosive growth of wireless sensor networks (WSN), many of their features and applications have become important. Localization of sensor nodes is one of the most important problems in WSN whose accuracy has a very large impact on its performance. Global positioning system (GPS) is a well-kn[...]
Metrology and Measurement Systems
2015 Vol. 22, nr 4 469--478
EN This paper presents a comprehensive metrological analysis of the Microsoft Kinect motion sensor performed using a proprietary flat marker. The designed marker was used to estimate its position in the external coordinate system associated with the sensor. The study includes calibration of the RGB an[...]
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