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Journal of KONES
EN Systems of public transport carry out their tasks on the territory of a given town and in the suburbs performing the same functions as in towns. A distinctive feature of this type of system is performance of its task for twenty four hours, in different traffic intensity conditions over an assigned a[...]
Journal of KONES
EN Engineering availability and operational readiness of an aircraft are requisites for its ability to operate. After the aircraft has been supplied, both features determine airworthiness of the aircraft, in compliance with the ARC (Airworthiness Review Certificate). Improvement in methods of maintaini[...]
Acta Mechanica et Automatica
EN This article deals with the modeling of the continuous damage deactivation affected yield surfaces of copper and failure surfaces of mortar, from the viewpoint of continuum damage mechanics. The concept of damage deactivation is adapted to Tresca-Guest and Huber-Mises surfaces and two models are pre[...]
Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki Świętokrzyskiej. Nauki Techniczne
PL W opracowaniu analizuje się zagadnienie awaryjności pomp zatapialnych. Do ustalenia przyczyn uszkodzeń stosuje się metodę drzewa zdarzeń która pozwala zidentyfikować zdarzenia wierzchołkowe jako bezpośrednią przyczynę awarii pompy. Wykazano, że awaryjność pomp zatapialnych jest w największym stopniu[...]
EN In this stud we are analyzing questions about flooding pumps. To know exactly what are the reasons of the failures there is used the tree event method, which allow us to identify top events as a direct cause of the failure of the pump. It showed that failure of the flooding pump is most of all depen[...]
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
2000 Vol. 38 nr 4 819-832
PL Analiza stanu naprężeń w płytach warstwowych ze szczelinami W pracy przeprowadza się analizę stanu naprężeń w płytach warstwowych ze szczelinami poddanych dwuosiowemu rozciąganiu lub zginaniu stosując pewną metodę uśredniającą. Wykazuje się, że przy rozciąganiu można oprzeć się na klasycznej teorii [...]
EN A survey of approaches to determination of the stress-state in layered plates with the cracks located symmetrically about their thickeness is presented. The plate is subject to a complex biaxial loading; i.e., tension - shear or bending - torsion, while the crack of length 2a is unloaded. The plate [...]
Journal of KONBiN
2008 No. 4 (7) 211-222
EN We frequently work with the events' description besides other assessments in safety/risk assessment. In pure technical applications these events are related with the failure occurrence of equipment, a device, a system or an item. This contribution can be a complex problem for the term "failure" and [...]
Elektro Info
2008 nr 6 45-52
Journal of Polish CIMAC
EN The ship propulsion shaft line is one of the most critical ship components having big influence on a ship safety. Because of that, there is well known need for proper shaft line survey either by ship crew, ship owner technical services as well as by classification society surveyors. One of the most [...]
Poznan University of Technology Academic Journals. Electrical Engineering
2007 No 55 35-46
EN Physical phenomena leading to the decline in the technical condition of turbogenerators are discussed. Some contributions are suggested to explain the mechanism of stator core failure. Results of video-scope observations are presented which were made in order to supply documentary evidence for the p[...]
Computer Assisted Mechanics and Engineering Sciences
EN The incorporation of displacement discontinuities in finite elements is examined. The incorporation of displacement discontinuities allows the use of discrete constitutive models in a continuum framework in order to avoid the mesh sensitivity of classical continuum models when strain softening is in[...]
PL Głównym celem zaprezentowanych badań była ocena możliwości zastosowania rozumowania kategoriami opcji realnych w procesie uczenia się przez porażkę. Projekt badań został oparty o metodologię wielokrotnego studium przypadku. Próba badawcza została dobrana na podstawie dwóch kryteriów: (1) ilości prze[...]
EN The primary challenge of the research was to assess the possibility of applying real options reasoning to the process of learning by failure. This study used a multiple case design to answer its research questions. The research sample was chosen using two criteria: (1) numbers of previous ventures a[...]
Eksploatacja i Niezawodność
2004 nr 3 29-32
EN This paper presents the research of faults of high-pressure fuel pumps (HPFP) as the main units of fuel equipment having influence on ifs reliability. Based by example of distributive-type ram HPFP-s, produced in Vilnius (Lithuania), there were examined the main indications of such failures and in a[...]
PL Praca omawia strategię opracowywania wymogów nowej Ustawy - Prawo Ochrony Środowiska w zakresie zapobiegania poważnym awariom. Pokazane jest wzajemne powiązanie programu zapobiegania poważnym awariom, raportu o bezpieczeństwie i planu operacyjno ratowniczego poprzez analizę i ocenę ryzyka. Zwraca si[...]
EN The work reports a strategy of developing requirements of a new law - Environmental Protection Act, within the scope of preventing serious failures. Shown is the mutual link between the programme of preventing serious failures and the report about safety and operative - rescue plan through the analy[...]
Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki Białostockiej. Mechanika
2001 Z.24 49-56
PL Cztery modele pełzania ze zniszczeniem zostały wykalibrowane dla stali P91 a następnie zaimplementowane w programie ABAQUS. Dokonano obliczeń różnych elementów rurociągu pary świeżej siłowni nadkrytycznej.
EN Four different creep models coupled with damage calibrated for P91 steel and implemented within the commercial ABAQUS code have been analysed for different element of live steam piping system within the supercritical power plant.
Gaz, Woda i Technika Sanitarna
2003 Nr 11 398-400
EN Analysis of events connected with serious failures in regard to the environment. Method of failure occurrence risk evaluation. Examples of serious failure hazard.
Gaz, Woda i Technika Sanitarna
2000 Nr 10 409-421
EN Failure of water distribution system elements' with particular stress on its effects. Phenomenon structure of water distribution system elements' failure during' exploitation. Block diagram of main reasons for occurrence of water supply failures.
Advances in Materials Science
EN The present study discusses the problem of degradation of cast elements carrying charge in carburising furnaces. The wear and tear of castings, which finally results in decohesion of walls, is due to an effect of the carburizing atmosphere and thermal fatigue.
Engineering Transactions
EN This paper presents the approach to evaluate the critical, static loads of three-layered annular plate with composite facings whose laminas are damaged. The plate is composed of thin, laminated fibre-reinforced composite facings and a thicker, foam core. The fibre and matrix cracks of facing laminas[...]
Journal of KONES
EN Hazard is a safety condition that could cause or be a part of unsafe aircraft operation. It also has an impact on aviation safety related to aircraft systems as well as services. Safety risk is a part of so-called safety management and is the predicted probability and severity of the outcomes of a h[...]
Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering
PL W referacie przedstawiono analizę zagadnienia nośności granicznej i nośności w fazie zniszczenia cienkościennych prętów o przekroju złożonym. Pręt taki budowany jest z pręta aluminiowego o przekroju skrzynkowym, wewnątrz którego umieszczono stalowy ceownik zimno walcowany. Przedstawiono wyniki anali[...]
EN The analysis of the load-capacity and failure behaviour of combined steel/aluminium members subject to bending is presented in the paper. Members are formed from an extruded aluminium box-section into which a cold formed plain steel channel is inserted. The results of FE analysis both for an elastic[...]
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