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Most of the vehicles, which can be observed by the cameras used in the Intelligent Transport Systems, are coated with reflective layers which, like car windows, are characterized by the effect of light polarisation. Utilising this effect by using a camera designed for the Intelligent Transportation System along with the linear polarizer it is possible to improve the extraction of the vehicles from the surrounding. The article presents the methods of using the polarised light for increasing the operating range of the video systems along with an illustration of the possibilities and limitations of this technique. Some experimental results obtained by the fusion of data recorded for the standard video sequences and the use of linear polarisers are also presented.
Content available remote Polarization bistability in a smectic-A liquid crystal.
We report the measurements the of laser light polarization transmitted through the smectic-A phase of a liquid crystal placed inside the Fabry-Perot optical resonator. All four parameters of polarization were measured simultaneously by an ellipsometer of a special construction. Optical polarization bistability phenomenon was observed, in which polarization parameters of outgoing light depend nonlinearly on the intensity of the input beam. We propose a theoretical explanation of this phenomenon, based on the concept of orientational nonlinearity of liquid crystal's molecules
A method for measuring the birefringence properties of nondichroic media using the Poincare sphere is presented. Simple relations between coordinates of points on the Poincare sphere representing input and output polarization states of light and the point representing first eigenvector of the medium have been found. From these relations the desired polarization parameters of the medium were calculated.
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