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Energy demand is increasing exponentially in the last decade. To meet such demand there is an urgent need to enhance the power generation capacity of the electrical power generation system worldwide. A combined-cycle gas turbines power plant is an alternative to replace the existing steam/gas electric power plants. The present study is an attempt to investigate the effect of different parameters to optimize the performance of the combined cycle power plant. The input physical parameters such as pressure ratio, air fuel ratio and a fraction of combustible product to heat recovery heat exchanger via gas turbine were varied to determine the work output, thermal efficiency, and exergy destruction. The result of the present study shows that for maximum work output, thermal efficiency as well as total exergy destruction, extraction of combustible gases from the passage of the combustion chamber and gas turbine for heat recovery steam generator is not favorable. Work output and thermal efficiency increase with an increase in pressure ratio and decrease in air fuel ratio but for minimum total exergy destruction, the pressure ratio should be minimum and air fuel ratio should be maximum.
Environmental emission of road transport is a key problem. Periodic environmental test are designed to ensure minimum emission. Periodic checks are based on measurements. In this emission measurements fuel type plays an important role. The Brettschneider equation is a method used to compare the idealized and actual air fuel ratio. Brettschneider established a method to calculate ratio of oxygen to fuel by comparing the ratio of oxygen molecules to carbon and hydrogen molecules in the exhaust. In this article, authors have investigated blended ethanol effect on idealized and actual air fuel ratio based on Brettschneider equation. The main result of the article that blended ethanol has insignificant effect on air-fuel ratio. The article presents inter alia difference in stoichiometric air fuel ratios in case of different fuels, changes in λ due to blending ethanol and comparison of influence of emissions of different types of transport. In the article authors focus particularly on periodic checks and gasoline driven cars. The main research question was if ethanol blends have effect on idealized and actual air fuel ratio based on Brettschneider equation
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