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Content available remote Joint Vision 2020 : kierunki zmian w systemie walki
It has to stated that the assumptions of Joint Vision 2020 concept are directing American armed forces’ transformation denoted as the “future joint force”. It is assumed that the goal of the mentioned above transformation is to create forces dominating in the whole range of military operations. They are to be faster, more effective and at the same time feature more precision than today. Moreover, it is proposed to continue investing in new technologies and developing required capabilities. An explicit consequence is that technological development supports the pursuance of intended goals relating to conducted transformations. American experts claim that opinions expressed so far have to be revised and based on information as the key factor affecting military operations as it determines the shape of future military forces. According to these experts, information is to replace the enemy’s physical attack. Therefore, an answer must be found to the question how to affect the enemy using information, disorganise his information systems and protect own systems against failures. A great stress is also placed on finding an appropriate way to increase capabilities relating to information acquisition, transformation and distribution on time and then to use the information in an appropriate way. The superiority, or even dominance, of information becomes one of the most important areas affecting directly the idea and significance of modern theory of military operations. The thesis mentioned above is reflected in the Joint Vision 2020 concept.
The article presents technological conditions of changes in conducting future land operations in the American armed forces. After the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact and the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Europeans started to use fully the new peace. In the military aspect it meant armed forces reductions and limiting of the defence expenditures. Contrary to Europe, America followed a completely different route and continued the technological modification process of the armed forces. The disproportion in defence programmes funding lead to a technological gap between the United States forces and European armies. The new land operation concept of the US armed forces, apart from the technological advantage, assumes also a technological one. In the new war concept soldiers will be supported in attack by robots. Some new models of warrior robots have already been tested in Afghanistan. The Americans plan that in future, unmanned land vehicles will be able to deliver more reconnaissance information than current unmanned aerial reconnaissance vehicles commonly used in military operations nowadays. It is predicted that in the second decade of the 21st century a standard Future Combat System brigade will be ready to perform its tasks and it could be transported in C- 130 aircraft to any place in the world within 4 days in order to be deployed in a land intervention operation.
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