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Synthesis and optimization ways of sequencing operation applied in computer system, are described in the paper. The ways are general, and use sequencing and eliminating operations of algorithm algebra. They allow for automated synthesis of the sequencing operations. Optimization of algorithm formulas has been made on the basis of the properties of sequencing operations.
Content available Models of alternative selection
Models of a number of eliminations in conditions have been presented. In particular, the models of a number of eliminations in the form of a block diagram of the algorithm, the instructions if() and switch() of algorithmic programming languages, systems of algorithmic algebras and its modifications, as well as two models of algebraic algorithms have been constructed.
Content available Carriers of algebra of algorithms
Operations of modified system of algorithm algebras [10, 11] and algebra of algorithms [12-15] are presented in the paper. The paper shows operations of mathematical logic on the three-meaning alphabet. It considers converting of logical to operator values that are performed in the system of algorithmic algebras and its modifications. It presents constants, variables and operators, which are components of models of algorithms and systems, as predicates. It gives a comparative assessment of mono- and polycarrier algebras of algorithms.
New method for the synthesis of algorithm formulae based on the concept of algorithm algebra is presented. The concept of algorithm algebra there is shown in papers [1-4]. The synthesis is performed in two stages. First, all sequences are formulated, which is followed by the bonding the sequences by conditions. This operation is termed by elimination. If the algorithm contains a cyclic operations, then each cyclic operation is considered as a complex one, over which the synthesis of sequences and eliminations are successively performed. Additionally, the algorithm algebra tools for transformation and minimization of algorithms are illustrated by a simple but instructive example.
Sformalizowanym sposobem na opis algorytmów jest algebra algorytmów. Podstawowym elementem algebry algorytmów jest uniterm. Artykuł prezentuje sposób formowania unitermów złożonych w nowym systemie komputerowym tworzenia formuł algebry algorytmów.
A formalized way to describe an algorithm is the algebra of algorithms. The basic element of algebra of algorithms is an uniterm. The paper presents a method of forming complex uniterms in a new computer system to create formulas of algorithms' algebra.
An approach to formalized development of parallel programs using ontologies and algebra- algorithmic facilities is proposed. Ontology gives opportunity to describe the skeleton of the program representing main objects in the given subject domain, i.e. data, functions to process data and relations between functions. Once the skeleton of the program has been built, further development can be done in automated manner with the Integrated toolkit for Design and Synthesis (IDS) developed by the authors, which is based on using algorithmic algebras facilities. The application of the approach is illustrated with an example of developing parallel MPI program in the subject domain of sorting algorithms.
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