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An axial vane rotary engine (AVRE) is a novel type of rotary engines. The engine is a positive displacement mechanism that permits the four “stroke” action to occur in one revolution of the shaft with a minimum number of moving components in comparison to reciprocating engines. In this paper, a two-zone combustion model is developed for a spark ignition AVRE. The combustion chamber is divided into burned and unburned zones and differential equations are developed for the change in pressure and change in temperature in each zone. The modelling is based on equations for energy and mass conservation, equation of state, and burned mass fraction. The assumption is made that both zones are at the same pressure P, and the ignition temperature is the adiabatic flame temperature based on the mixture enthalpy at the onset of combustion. The developed code for engine simulation in MATLAB is applied to another engine and there is a good agreement between results of this code and results related to the engine chosen for validation, so the modelling is independent of configuration.
The paper presents a new concept of applying a rotary vane engine working as the hybrid system including both a combustion engine and a pneumatic motor, which were working simultaneously. In the beginning, review on both unconventional piston engine designs and similar like solutions on rotary vane engines were conducted. Next, description of the conceptual engine was presented. The concept was realized in practice. The prototype engine was built and it was preliminary investigated focusing on problems with cold start and misfiring events which occurred. The engine was tested on LPG and gasoline, however, its main target is to feed it with natural gas. This approach is justified as far as the engine finally might work in natural gas reduction stations and would provide electricity of 1kW power for station’s own demands.
The article refers to the common task of lubrication system. The fast development of the world's maritime sector, makes competition among countries increasing. Because of the deterioration of the global economy, the shipping companies, ship-owners want to reduce freight rates, to meet safety requirements, as well as improving conditions of exploitation and operating the machines to prevent the pollution of the marine environment. While exploiting the diesel engine in general and Sulzer diesel engines in particular, ship owners are always eager to reduce the operating cost and still ensure the engine running are safe and reliable. Provide an example of how to calculate the amount of cylinder lubricating oil according to the theory of slow-speed marine engines. The article refers to the costs of the operation and exploitation of ship, offer solution to reduce extraction costs by optimizing the amount of lubricating oil for the cylinders. The analyses in the article are based on Sulzer RTA engines. The article also refers to the level of actual lubrication oil for the cylinders of slow-speed marine engines during operation and exploitation based on the practical experience of the chief engineers, who had ever worked with these engines. The optimal adjustment of cylinder lubricating oil of Sulzer RTA diesel engines to reduce the operating cost but still ensure the engine running are safe and reliable and the problems need to be noted in the process of adjustment.
W referacie przedstawione są przykłady wykorzystania tablic Halbacha w maszynach elektrycznych ruchu liniowego i obrotowego oraz krótka charakterystyka współczesnych magnesów trwałych. Przeprowadzona analiza rozkładu strumienia magnetycznego dla płaskiej tablicy Halbacha wykazała trzykrotnie większą wartość strumienia magnetycznego po jednej stronie tablicy w porównaniu z wartością strumienia po stronie przeciwnej. Specjalnie ukierunkowanie strumienia magnetycznego pozwala stosować magnesy trwałe w szerszym zakresie oraz miniaturyzować projektowane urządzenia.
Examples of using Halbach array in linear and rotating motors and short characteristic of permanent magnets have been presented in this paper. Analysis of magnetic flux for the linear Halbach array has been shown. A Halbach array is a special configuration of permanent magnets which three times augments the magnetic field on one side of the device while cancelling the field on the other side. The special arrangement of permanent magnets enables designers to more widely applies permanent magnets and minimize devices.
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