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Purpose: The objective of the study is presentation of the conditions of functioning of enterprises on the global market, use of modern management methods, employees' preferences in the period of the pandemic and crisis in the existing surroundings. The aim of the study is to present a changing global environment for businesses, to use modern elements of management, IT and telecommunications as necessary elements in the face of the pandemic and global crisis, to sustain the functioning of businesses, organizations, economies and states. Design/methodology/approach: Based on the collected data, observations and own studies, conclusions were drawn and proposals presented with regard to counteracting the pandemic as well as opening and development of businesses and economies. Based on the statistical data, own surveys and literature, conclusions were drawn with regard to trends in organization and application of modern management concepts and enterprise management forms in the global economy in the conditions of the pandemic and economic crisis. The study presents also the problems of the contemporary global economy in sustainable development. Findings: The study analyses the functioning of enterprises in the 21sr century, taking into consideration further surroundings as well as technological, economic and social changes, including economic crises and the current pandemic. It presents and discusses socio-economic data and trends in the EU where, due to the epidemic, internal differences, economic and political issues, too slow development, lack of effective border protection. The above serves as a background for presentation of management elements and trends in organization of the future. Currently, marketing, finance, profit, strategies, HR, innovativeness, modern management methods, forms of organization, etc. play an important role in enterprises. On the other hand, IT elements already have an important and increasing position, especially in the face of the pandemic, remote work and global crisis. As shown by the survey-based studies carried out at the beginning of 2020, employees value health, work, family, economic, social and even ecological elements. These are, therefore, the survival-related needs according to the Maslow's hierarchy of needs, especially in the face of the pandemic, remote work and global crisis. Even though economies are opening today, the situation related to the pandemic worldwide is still uncertain. Hope is pinned, particularly to the countries of the West, upon the vaccines, medicines, modern management methods and new technologies.
W artykule opisano założenia do stworzenia modelu matematycznego przekazu wizualnego pośredniego z otoczenia pojazdu, transmitowanego przez zwierciadła będące wyposażeniem pojazdu. Posłużył on do stworzenia programu obliczeniowego w języku programowania C++ przy wykorzystaniu biblioteki Open GL, działającej pod systemem Microsoft Windows. Przedstawiono możliwości badawcze i poznawcze, jakie daje opracowany program komputerowy.
In article establishment was shown to create mathematical model of indirect visual transfer from car surroundings, transmitting by mirrors the vehicle is equipped with. It served to create an analytical program in C++ programming language, using Open GL library, operating under Microsoft Windows system. Research and cognitive possibilities were presented which elaborated computer program gives.
The aim of the work is a critical review of special conceptions when balancing the surroundings of a city. The characteristics of the models: "compact city, urban village, New urbanism, perm- culture, jurisdiction, city in a rural enclave and two architectonical and city-planning structures which build a city tissue" have been generally presented. The idea of balancing a city reminds us that it is itself a part of the world of nature which has been transformed by mankind. A traditional dichotomy city (artificial environment, active element) - a village (part of the world of nature, passive element) submitted to an urban-rural partnership. It gives bilateral benefits and a new chance for a better quality of life in the whole "ecological region" Turning to the quality of life nowadays and in the future, revival, revitalization, re-urbanism of not only city centers but whole regions, seems to be an overriding aim of the strategy of balancing the development. The foregoing conclusions incline us to formulate a postulate of variety of forms to balance a city, shaped on the basis of culture conditioned ideas about the quality of life. Bestowal of a leading part to the social-cultural aspect in defining special characteristics of a balanced settlement, creates a chance for more integral research and project approach.
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