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The paper describes proposition for minimisation of both friction and formation of titanium protrusions on steel tools during sheet-titanium forming. Such a process poses a significant challenge not only because of the limited ability to plastic deformation of the titanium sheets, but also because of the low tribological properties. Titanium sheets have extremely high propensity to form titanium protrusions on steel tools, which aggravates or even makes obtaining the drawn-parts with a smooth surface impossible. In order to reduce or completely eliminate the formation of titanium protrusions on the tools technological lubricants should be used. Unfortunately, due to high surface pressure the lubricant film is interrupted frequently. Thus, the authors propose that the tool surfaces (dies and blank-holders) are covered with anti-adhesive coatings, which protect the tools against creation of the titanium protrusions in case of lubricant film break. The paper presents some results of tribological tests. In the strip-drawing test, results of different frictional pairs are presented based on anti-adhesive coatings deposited on the tool surfaces. The decrease in titanium protrusion formation on the steel tools thanks to the use of anti-adhesive coatings was confirmed in the roughness measurements of the tool surface after the strip-drawing test.
Content available remote Zastosowanie powłok przeciwadhezyjnych w narzędziach do tłoczenia
In the paper the requirements for tools, sheets and technological lubricants used for sheet metal forming processes were discussed. The test results of frictional coefficient for some technological lubricants and antiadhesive layers were given.
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