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Content available remote Spatial Compensation of Boundary Disturbances by Boundary Actuators
In this paper we show how to find convenient boundary actuators, termed boundary efficient actuators, ensuring finite-time space compensation of any boundary disturbance. This is the so-called remediability problem. Then we study the relationship between this remediability notion and controllability by boundary actuators, and hence the relationship between boundary strategic and boundary efficient actuators. We also determine the set of boundary remediable disturbances, and for a boundary disturbance, we give the optimal control ensuring its compensation.
First, we consider non-linear discrete-time and continuous-time systems with unknown inputs. The problem of reconstructing an input using the information given by an output equation is investigated. Then we examine a control problem for non-linear discrete-time hereditary systems, i.e. the problem of finding a control which drives the state of the system from its initial value to a given desired final state. The methods used to solve these problems are based on the state-space technique and fixed-point theorems. To illustrate the outlined ideas, various numerical simulation results are presented.
Content available remote Constrained Controllability of Dynamic Systems
The present paper is devoted to a study of constrained controllability and controllability for linear dynamic systems if the controls are taken to be non-negative. By analogy to the usual definition of controllability it is possible to introduce the concept of positive controllability. Weshall concentrate on approximate positive controllability for linear infinite-dimensional dynamic systems when the values of controls are taken from a positive closed convex cone and the operator of the system is normal and has pure discrete point spectrum. Special attention is paid to positive infinite-dimensional linear dynamic systems. General approximate constrained controllability results are then applied to distributed-parameter dynamic systems described by linear partial-differential equations of parabolic type with various kinds of boundary conditions. Several remarks and comments on the relationships between different concepts of controllability are given. Finally, a simple illustrative example is also presented.
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