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This paper presents results of a series of undrained monotonic compression tests on loose sand reinforced with geotextile mainly to study the effect of confining stress on the mechanical behaviour of geotextile reinforced sand. The triaxial tests were performed on reconstituted specimens of dry natural sand prepared at loose relative density (Dr = 30%) with and without geotextile layers and consolidated to three levels of confining pressures 50, 100 and 200 kPa, where different numbers and different arrangements of reinforcement layers were placed at different heights of the specimens (0, 1 and 2 layers). The behaviour of test specimens was presented and discussed. Test results showed that geotextile inclusion improves the mechanical behaviour of sand, a significant increase in the shear strength and cohesion value is obtained by adding up layers of reinforcement. Also, the results indicate that the strength ratio is more pronounced for samples which were subjected to low value of confining pressure. The obtained results reveal that high value of confining pressure can restrict the sand shear dilatancy and the more effect of reinforcement efficiently.
The development of industry and application of new production techniques could bring about extraordinary problems that have been neglected. One of these challenges in terms of soil mechanics is high frequency cyclic loading. Well constructed foundation may reduce this troublesome phenomenon but excluding it is usually uneconomic. In this paper, shakedown theory assumptions were studied. Cyclically loaded soils behave in various ways depending on the applied stress rate. Common cohesive soils in Poland, i.e., sandy-silty clays are problematic and understanding of their behaviour in various conditions is desired. In order to study repeated loading of this material, cyclic triaxial test were carried out. Cyclic loading tests were conducted also in one way compression. These methods in small strain regime allow permanent strain increment analysis with resilient response after numerous cycles. This behaviour was subsequently exploited in the study of shakedown theory. This paper contains some conclusions concerning the above-mentioned theory.
Empirical relationships are developed for estimating the undrained critical shear strength based on experimental triaxial tests under monotonic loadings. The effect of fines content on the undrained shear strength is analyzed for different combinations of density states. The parametric study indicates that in terms of the soil void ratio and fines content properties, the undrained critical shear strength may increase, or decrease as the amount of fines content increases, consequently showing vulnerability to liquefaction influenced by the fines content percentage. A series of monotonic undrained triaxial tests have been undertaken on a reconstituted saturated sand-silt mixtures specimen. Beyond 30% of fines content, it is shown that a fraction of silt participates in the soil skeleton chain force. In this context, the concept of the equivalent intergranular void ratio may be an appropriate parameter to express the critical shear strength of the soil under investigation. This parameter is able to control the undrained shear strength of non plastic silt and sand mixtures for different density states.
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