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Unmanned, remotely or autonomously ships are the fastest growing new technology in maritime transport in recent years. The design of unmanned vessels envisions clean, emission-free electric propulsion. The costs of building physical models and target vessels are high, but the expected benefits are generating increasing interest in such vessels. This article presents the current state of research in the field of unmanned ships and the technical, legal and administrative problems that need to be solved in order for these ships to be used by the general public.
Content available remote “Autonomisation” of security and defence systems
Development of systems with an evolving level of autonomy is among the most controversial and yet promising aspects of military forces’ modernisation. The application of quasi- artificial intelligence in combat machines opens a new uncharted area of possibilities. In essence, these modifications aim to reduce the extent of human interference in the functioning of unmanned systems virtually to none. The potential risks are explored in dangerous scenarios, which consider that apart from off ering far-reaching advantages of using platforms with autonomic capabilities, they can be used against humanity. These scenarios assume a pivotal role in forecasting possible directions for development of the armed forces. This paper attempts to determine the essence of combat systems autonomy while focusing on a few of the most sensitive issues. For a transparent and credible debate on combat systems autonomy, it is adviseable that no ambiguity is present in terminological, ethical, legal and technological complexities, whose misinterpretation may become a source of unnecessary understatements or even lead to distortion of the debate.
Content available remote Autonomiczność statków morskich : klasyfikacje
W artykule poruszono zagadnienia dotyczące autonomii statków morskich. Przedstawiono definicję i podział autonomicznych statków morskich. Scharakteryzowano także samo pojęcie autonomiczności statków morskich. Jednak najwięcej uwagi poświęcono wybranym klasyfikacjom poziomów autonomiczności statków morskich.
The article discusses issues related to the autonomy of sea-going vessels. The definition and division of autonomous sea vessels is presented. The concept of autonomy of sea-going vessels was also characterized. However, the most attention was paid to selected classifications of the levels of autonomy of sea-going vessels.
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