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In this paper we present specific features of TEC (total electron content of the ionosphere) behavior as possible precursors of Kythira (Southern Greece) earthquake of January 8, 2006 (M6.8). For this purpose, we used both the TEC data of GPS-IGS stations nearest to the epicenter, and TEC maps over Europe. The favorable circumstance for this analysis was the quiet geomagnetic situation during the period prior to the earthquake. One day before the earthquake, a characteristic anomaly was found out as the day-time significant increase of TEC at the nearest stations, up to the value of 50% relative to the background condition. To estimate the spatial dimensions of seismo-ionospheric anomaly, the differential mapping method was used. The ionosphere modification as a cloud-like increase of electron concentration situated in the immediate vicinity of the forthcoming earthquake epicenter has been revealed. The amplitude of modification reached the value of 50% relative to the non-disturbed condition and was in existence from 10:00 till 22:00 UT. The area of significant TEC enhancement had a size of about 4000 km in longitude and 1500 km in latitude.
GPS observations of the European permanent network were used to identify seismoionospheric precursors of Baltic Sea earthquake of 21 September 2004. It is a very rare event for this region of Europe (magnitude of about 5.0). This value is the threshold for the occurrence of seismic effects in the ionosphere. In total electron content (TEC) data over the region of the earthquake, a specific ionospheric anomaly appeared one day before the earthquake was detected. The ionospheric variability had a positive sign with an enhancement of about 4-5 TECU (1 TECU = 1016 electrons/m2) relative to the non-disturbed state of the ionosphere. The anomaly had a duration of 4-5 hours in the day time. The special size of this anomaly was about 1000 km. The characteristic parameters of the anomaly show that it can be associated with ionospheric precursors of an earthquake.
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