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Content available Ethical case for self-defense robots
Advances in robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) make utilizing robots in domestic law enforcement and self-defense increasingly viable. As with any set of technological developments, this opens up a space of possibilities for their licit and illicit use and creates a need for ethically-informed, effective and enforceable regulation. What is unique is the technology’s potential to solve a persistent issue necessarily impacting all self-defense and law enforcement executed by humans – the License to Overkill and the Response Time Trilemma. The paper starts by explaining what these issues are and how they thwart our attempts to conform with an ethical ideal of self-defense. It then outlines the particulars of the technological solution and describe its great promise. Finally, possible objections and the regulatory measures that would limit the negative impact of self-defense robots while preserving the social and ethical benefits of their sensible employment are discussed.
Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems are already widespread over the world. Their performance, both with high computational efficiency of modern computers make them a very good solution to use in traffic supervision and management systems in the city and at the regional level in the scope of safety and security services. The most popular way of use ANPR systems concerns detection of violations in traffic law. In Poland implementation of ANPR systems is at the starting point. There is still a noticeable lack of integrated area solutions, and currently used ANPR systems could not reach their full potential. In the following article authors introduced basic problems of application of the ANPR systems in Poland due to the legal requirements. Moreover paper presents selected functional aspects of ANPR systems.
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