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Jednoznaczna identyfikacja produktów podczas ich migracji w łańcuchu dostaw jest niezmiernie ważna zwłaszcza w dobie rozwijającej się sprzedaży wielokanałowej. Obecnie coraz więcej firm wymaga od swoich partnerów handlowych stosowania etykiety logistycznej GS1.
In recent years more and more attention is paid on the reduction of worker's thermal stress while using personal protective equipment, particularly - protective clothing that covers the biggest part of the human body. Howerer, for the high risk environment where using the barrier protective clothing is required, modifications of protective clothing constructions that will not cause a decrease of their protective properties not always are possible. Thus, there are many research works that focus on a development of clothing constructions reducing the thermal discomfort during the work in the barrier protective clothing. In the paper, there are presented solutions developed in the Central Institute for Labour Protection - National Research Institute such as two-layer underwear, nonworen structures with superabsorbents, textile structures with phase change materials and liquid cooling system. Conducted tests showed that those clothing constructions worn under the barrier protective clothing allow for the reduction of dynamics of temperature and relative humidity increase in the undergarment microclimate and, thus, they reduce thermal discomfort of the worker, improving his safety at work.
During the work with electrical installations, due to short circuits in the electrical devices resulting from both damages, as well as erroneous human behavior, electric arc can occur. Electric arc generates huge amount of energy within fractions of a second and thus represents extreme danger for people in the vicinity. The heat emitted by an electric arc can cause inflammation, melting or tearing of clothing, and result in a severe burn injury. In order to reduce the negative impact of arc thermal effects on employee health, it is essential to use appropriate personal protective equipment, including protective clothing. Protective clothing against electric arc must meet the essential requirements for safety and ergonomics of the Directive 89/686/EEC, and be CE marked. The requirements for protective clothing against thermal effects of electric arc presents IEC 61482-2 standard, and testing methods - PN-EN 61842-1-1 and EN 618421-2. To protect employees against the thermal effects of electric arc, very important is the selection of appropriate materials for protective clothing and clothing design. In accordance with IEC 61482-2:2009 Protective clothing against thermal effects of an electric arc should be primarily heat resistant to the electric arc and flame retardant. In addition, due to the possible explosion that accompanies electric arc, materials intended for this type of clothing should have mechanical properties at the appropriate level. Currently, the market offers both materials and garments that meet the requirements for protection against the thermal effects of the electric arc. The basis for the selection of materials for protective clothing should be risk analysis based on the predicted utility conditions.
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