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Different methods of calculations of thermal conductivity of gas laser mixtures versus temperature are compared in the paper. Approximation functions describing the experimental data of thermal conductivity and viscosity of the chosen gases (CO/sub 2/, N/sub 2/, He, Xe, CO, O, Ar) are given. The formulas introduced and data obtained allow us to predict thermal conductivity and temperature distribution of a typical high power laser gas mixture. Examples of temperature distribution in RF excited CO/sub 2/, CO, and Xe laser media are shown. Knowledge of the temperature distribution in the laser cavity can be useful for predicting general optical properties of the laser.
The optical properties of doped sol-gel derived materials were studied. Two types of materials were examined; thin films doped with titanium dioxide and bulks doped with pH indicators: Bromothymol Blue and Nile Red. Different amounts of TiO/sub 2/ (in concentrations: 20, 40, 60 and 80 mol%) were entrapped into the silica sol-gel thin films. The refractive indices of the films were measured. A linear increase of refractive index with increasing addition of TiO/sub 2/ was observed. Bromothymol Blue and Nile Red pH indicators were entrapped into the sol-gel bulks. Two methods of dye immobilization were used. In the first method, indicators were mixed with liquid hydrolyzate used for bulk preparation. In the second one, the dried sol-gel bulks were impregnated with liquid dye solutions. The absorption spectra in the visible range were examined for dyes in solutions and sol-gel bulks. Changes in absorption spectra were observed depending on the way of dopant entrapment.
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