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W artykule przedstawiono problematykę reorganizacji struktur organizacyjnych pododdziałów - jednostek organizacyjnych niższych szczebli organizacyjnych naszego wojska. Podkreślono, że zmiana struktur pododdziałów, w świetle dokonujących się przemian w wojsku, jest wręcz wymuszona. Zaproponowano metodykę, w której określono cykl postępowania reorganizacyjnego.
In this article the problems of reorganizing the structures of sub-units - organizational units of the lower level of Polish Armed Forces have been presented. It has been emphasised that the change of the structures of sub-units in I the light of conversion in the army, is to some extent coerced. The methodology, where the cycle of reorganizationall procedure has been defined, has also been suggested.
Content available remote Zespołowość w szkoleniu bojowym : pododdział jako zespół
The article shows the results of polls conducted on a sample of 385 professional soldiers, 416 conscripts and sociometric research carried out in 18 subunits. Team work, that is an immanent feature of combat actions, proves that in order to achieve combat training tasks the essential role is played by endeavours that aim at forging the sections, companies, divisions and battalions to be teams able to take and conduct common tasks. Empirical data show, however, that social phenomena occurring in the army make achieving this state of subunits difficult. They include, among others, divergences between individual tasks of the subunit members and the team tasks, domination of outer constraint in didactic - educational actions, social stratification of the subunit structure into groups of opposite interests, subculture life.
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