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Development of the river sea transport is directly related to the characteristics of waterway network which enables navigation between river basins and seas. Inland waterways in Serbia belong to the Danube navigational system. There are two navigational directions: Danube East and Danube West. River-sea transport can be directly established in these directions between the Serbian international ports on the Danube (Apatin, Novi Sad, Belgrade, Pan?evo, Smederevo and Prahovo). Development of the Pan-European Corridor VII and the River Danube-Black Sea and Danube-Rhine-Main region would allow not only in Serbia but also in neighbouring states and all over Europe connection with the sea. In this paper the technical and exploitation characteristics of the river Danube will be analysed in terms of the navigation of various river and sea vessels with different exploitation characteristics.
Content available remote River – Sea Technology in Transport of Energy Products
One of the key conditions to the smooth functioning of the state is its energy security. Most countries in Central and Eastern Europe are dependent on imported energy raw materials from one supplier. In connection with the growing importance of diversification of energy products, technologies and supply routes. Security of supply of strategic energy resources can be better ensured by using far less preferred alternatives. An example would be the use of inland waterways for delivery of energy products to the end consumers and enabling deliveries to places where the geographical, demographic or environmental specificities do not use traditional means.
Nawigacja prowadzona na śródlądowych drogach wodnych znacznie różni się od nawigacji prowadzonej na akwenach morskich. W referacie przedstawiono założenia budowy zintegrowanego mostka nawigacyjnego dla jednostek w żegludze morsko-rzecznej.
Inland shipping is quite different then open sea navigation. The paper presents very important problem how to project the integrated bridge system for sea-river vessel purposes.
Sea–river ships can connect the area inside of land with oversea places without of indirect trans- shipment. In many cases the sea-river ships move on waterways (natural and artificial) inside of land for hundreds kilometres. Navigation in inland waters has to meet the same requirements as those for pilot navigation. This is due to the relations between the ship size and other objects on water area. These ones caused the navigation more hard then on open seas. The paper presents the criterion of safety assessment of navigation during sea-river ships manoeuvring ship in inland waters.
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