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The word cosiness includes meanings enabling direct reference to architecture. They have been described in the paper as the symbols of cosiness. The author, referring to the old canon, notices certain, useful analogy, resulting from its "mechanism", which despite including ready patterns comprised some limitations as well (that resulted in impressive historical legacy in architecture) and suggests a similar but not literal function for cosiness as a modern canon in a pro-human offer of the multi-family housing complexes.
Zwiększająca się liczba strzeżonych osiedli, spowodowana potrzebą zapewnienia mieszkańcom bezpieczeństwa, ma niekorzystne konsekwencje zarówno psychologiczno-socjologiczne, jak i urbanistyczno-architektoniczne. Rozwiązanie tego problemu możliwe jest poprzez odpowiednie zaprojektowanie przestrzeni osiedlowej.
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Research into the current needs of people regarding the place of abode is mostly justified at the relevant level of socio-economical development. It can fulfill the prospect of cognitive functions, but can also find an application in practice: in identification of the advantages of various places of abode, evaluation and rating of real estate, and in the process of rational shaping of the space where man functions. As sociologists stress - the needs of people and socio-economical development change, influenced by conditions of abode, a module propagated by mass media, family and friends and also by the possibilities of their being carried out. That is why a group of about 600 clients of Łódź real estate agencies interested in a change of their living area was researched. These people, facing an important decision in their lives, very carefully analyze their needs. It is possible to guess that opinions achieved by way of questionnaire survey are deeply thought over, and because of this they are worth paying attention to. They record the current needs of the inhabitants of such a big city as Łódź.
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