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Content available remote Ductile Tearing Analysis in Overmatched Welded Joints
Numerical analysis has been carried out to evaluate the ductile fracture in an overmatched welded joints case using a standard CT specimen. These investigations have been performed by analysing the monometallic, bimetallic and trimetallic configurations in order to compare global approaches (i.e. the J integral and CTOD) with a local approach (Rice and Tracey model). The different cases lead to a globally similar evolution of CTOD and of the J integral. These two parameters are not really affected when changing the configuration while the void growth ratio (R/Ro) is very sensitive to the strain and strain fields around the crack tip. Furthermore, according to the parameter (R/Ro) distribution at the crack tip, it seems possible to predict the crack propagation direction in the overmatched welded joints case.
Content available remote Dynamic tearing of thin steel sheet
This paper presents an energy analysis during dynamic tearing tests of thin steel sheet. A Charpy test device and an original experimental method are employed. The dynamic fracture toughness at initiation R0,dyn and the dynamic tearing modulus Tdyn are obtained. For comparison, static trousers tearing tests are conducted, on the same material, in order to study the influence loading rate (V) on the essential work of fracture 'Gamma'e (calculated from Mai and Cotterell (1984)). We have shown that by varying the loading rate from 1mm/min to 300 mm/min, the essential work of fracture 'Gamma'e decreases slowly with the logarithm of the loading rate V. A significant drop in the dynamic fracture toughness compared to static one is observed, while making a comparison between R0,dyn and 'Gamma'e (1mm/min) due to the increase in the yield stress with loading rate.
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