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The densely populated northeastern Bulgarian Black Sea coast is a territory of intensive contemporary development. It is, though, marked by considerable recent geological activity along the coastal zone comprising: faulting, earthquakes, landslides, earthflows, rockfalls, ground subsidence, marine erosion and variations of sea level. These are locally exacerbated by the ongoing development, resulting in increased instability. Notably, a part of the coastline has been lost as a result of gravity sliding. Analysis of this recent geological coastal activity, including the landslides, earthflows and rockfalls of 1996-1997, needs be taken into account for the protection of the population and the cultural heritage.
Content available remote Geodynamic investigations in the crossing zone of the Struma and Krupnik faults
The complex investigations of Bulgaria characterises with a proper geodynamic activity of. recent Earth's crust vertical and horizontal movements (by using up-to-date geodetic and semigeodetic methods, including GPS technique), seismotectonic conditions, tectonic stresses in the region and their analysis, and interpretation. Movements with normal and strike-slip fault character, signi6cant movements of small Earth's crust blocks and local variations, and deformations of the recent tectonic 6eld of stresses are found out. The regional trends of tectonic stresses show that the recent active faults are distributors and concentrators of tectonic stresses. An expression of that process are the differential block movements and a high earthquake activit)r in the region.
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