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Content available remote An admissible hybrid contraction with an Ulam type stability
In this manuscript, we introduce a new hybrid contraction that unify several nonlinear and linear contractions in the set-up of a complete metric space. We present an example to indicate the genuine of the proved result. In addition, we consider Ulam type stability and well-posedness for this new hybrid contraction.
A topological space is called connected if it is not the union of two disjoint, nonempty and open sets in this space. The standard exercises show that here the concept of open sets can be replaced by closed sets or separated sets. In this context we will discuss the definition of connected sets in topological spaces, not being the whole space with particular regard to metric spaces, without the term of subspace topology.
Content available remote Ulam-Hyers stability theorem by tripled fixed point theorem
This paper deals with tripled fixed point theorem, and the approach is based on Perov-type fixed point theorem for contractions in metric spaces endowed with vector-valued metrics. We are also study Ulam-Hyers stability results for the tripled fixed points of a triple of contractive type single-valued and respectively multi-valued operators on complete metric spaces.
In this paper, a general coincidence and common fixed points theorem for two hybrid pairs of mappings satisfying property (E.A) is proved, generalizing the main results from [3] and [9].
In this note, we prove some common fixed point theorems for occasionally weakly compatible mappings satisfying an implicit relation and a contractive modulus.
The Demyanov metric in the family of convex, compact sets in finite dimensional spaces has been recently extended to the family of convex, bounded sets – not necessarily closed. In this note it is shown that these spaces are not complete and a model for the completion is proposed. A full answer is given in R2 and the situation in higher dimensions is discussed.
The purpose of this paper is to prove common fixed point theorems for a family of mappings in symmetric spaces using the property (E.A) and weak compatibility or occasionally weak compatibility. Our results extend some recent results.
Content available On local Whitney convergence
In this paper we will give definitions of local Whitney convergence in F(X,Y ) and in C(X,Y ), where X is a topological space, (Y,d) is a metric space and F(X,Y ) is the space of all functions from X to Y and C(X,Y ) is the space of all continuous functions from X to Y . We will study some properties of this notion and connections with other kinds of convergence.
Content available remote Weak contraction mappings in Saks spaces
The intent of this note is to prove some fixed point and common fixed theorems in a Saks spaces by introducing a weaker inequality analogue to Albert and Delabriere [1]. We have also introduced a control functions which is certainly weaker contraction condition available in the literature of Metric Fixed Point Theory and Applications.
In this paper, we establish the existence of coincidence and unique common fixed points of two pairs of weakly compatible maps satisfying A-contractive condition of integral type.
Content available remote Fixed points for k mappings on a complete metric spaces
A fixed point theorem for three mappings on a metric space into itself is proved. This result extends the results obtained in [1] from two mappings to three map pings, and after that, a generalization for an arbitrary number of mappings is obtained. As corollaries of these results we obtain the extending of Theorems of Nesic, Rhoades, Chatterjea, Rus and Kannan for an arbitrary number of mappings.
Content available remote Coincidence and common fixed point theorems via r-weak commutativity of type (AT)
We prove common fixed point theorems for two pairs of hybrid mappings satisfying implicit relations in complete metric spaces using the concept of R—weak commutativity of type At and we correct errors of [1], [3] and [8]. Our theorems generalize results of [1-3], [8], [12-16] and [21],
In this paper, a common fixed point theorem for two pairs of weakly compatible mappings satisfying Altman integral type contraction in a metric space is proved. Our result extends and improves several known results.
Content available remote Fixed point theory on spaces with vetor b-metrices
The purpose of this paper is to present some fixed point results for generalized singlevalued and multivalued contractions on a set endowed with one or two vector-valued b-metrics.
Content available remote Expectaction in metric spaces and characterizations of Banach spaces
We consider different definitions of expectation of random elements taking values in metric spaces. All such definitions are valid also in Banach spaces and in this case the results coincide with the Bochner integral. There may exist an isometry between considered metric space and some Banach space and in this case one can use the Bochner integral instead of expectation in metric space. We give some conditions which ensure existence of such isometry, for two different definitions of expectation in metric space.
Content available remote A fixed point theorem for multi-valued weakly Picard operators in b-metric space
In this paper, we establish a fixed point theorem for multi-valued operators in a complete b-metric space using the concept of Berinde and Berinde [9] on multi-valued weak contractions for the Picard iteration in a metric space. Our main result generalizes, extends and improves some of the recent results of Berinde and Berinde [9] as well as those of Daffer and Kaneko [17] and also unifies several classical results pertainning to single and multi-valued contractive mappings in the literature.
Content available remote A common fixed point theorem in non-Archimedean Menger pm-spaces
In the present work, we introduce two types of compatible maps in non-Archimedean Menger PM-spaces and obtain a common fixed point theorem for six maps.
Content available remote The sequence space m(Φ, Δm, p)F
The sequence space m(øΔmp)F of fuzzy real numbers for 0 < p < 1 and 1 < p < ∞, are introduced. Some properties of the sequence space like solidness. symmetricity, convergence-free etc. are studied.
Content available remote Fixed point results in complete metric spaces
Using the concept of w-distance, we prove fixed point theorems for multivalued contractive maps. Consequently, we improve and extend the corresponding fixed point results due to Feng and Liu, Nadler and many of others.
Content available remote Common fixed point theorems in complete fuzzy metric spaces
In this paper, common fixed point theorems for fuzzy maps in fuzzy metric spaces are proved. These theorems are fuzzy version of some known results in ordinary metric spaces.
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