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Human resources are a considerable comparative advantage of each organization, as such they should not be stagnating, on the contrary, they should strive to improve their professional knowledge, but also to improve their so-called soft skills, such as interpersonal skills. Requirements for key competencies for university graduates from a technical university are continuously increasing. The aim of the paper is to assess and evaluate the ethical credibility of selected subjects in the field of soft skills based on our research conducted in 2018 at the Technical University in Zvolen. It is an evaluation of ethical credibility of selected subjects. We approached our research from two angles. On one hand, we surveyed students of TU in Zvolen, who are developing soft skills as part of their curriculum at the university. On the other hand, we focused our research of ethical credibility in selected organizations operating in Slovakia. We were interested to find out what soft skills organizations expect from university graduates, specifically from a technical university. We centred our attention on communication, teamwork, stress resilience, time management and conflict resolution. The result of our research is an evaluation of mechanisms of ethical credibility in selected subjects in Slovakia. We evaluated results from our research in terms of how prepared university graduates are, specifically from a technical university, contrasted by expectations of organizations in the above-indicated areas, soft skills.
Building the credibility of different businesses and organizations is currently a complex process, but a very effective tool in practice and hard competition. They are increasingly confronted with a challenging environment in which credibility is very perceived and strategically important. Not only business entities, but also public institutions, strive for good reputation. They care about it as politicians, athletes, universities, nonprofit artists, media, but also individuals who work in public or professional relationships. Credibility is understood not only as a complementary image, but also as a value preference, a significant market prestige, a socially important function that achieves greater success, recognition, moral credibility, appreciation of organizational effort or good service. Building and understanding the importance of the credibility of social subjects also becomes an expression of stability, integrity, or firm security.
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