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Content available remote The use of trial exams results for comparison of changes over 2005 and 2006
A few years ago preparing and coneching cased to be the responsibility of individual schools. The range of knowledge and skills written in the “Basis Program” and ”Standards” have not changed since then. For obvious reasons exam papers are different every year. Hence, there is no way of obtaining answers for the changes that have been happening over a period of time. International PISA research showed that in Poland there was a major increase in knowledge and skills of fifteen year olds between 2000 and 2003 [5]. I have been conducting trial exams for six years in Łódź. For the first few years The College of Computer Science was the organizer, currently it is Academy of Humanities and Economics in Łódź [3,4]. Every year more than 2000 students attend these trial exams. The 2005 and 2006 exam papers were redone with some small changes. In the work I am going to analyse the results of these tests and apply to changes over 2005 and 2006.
Content available remote Presentation software and its use in teaching mathematics
The contribution is focused on different possibilities of using presentation software in teaching mathematics. Interesting topics which students presented through seminars are offered for muse in contribution. Contribution is further supplemented by demonstrations of students’ solutions of concrete problems which were the topics of seminars from didactics of mathematics, with a view to various methods problem solving.
Course of pre-mathematics includes theory as well as practice. The development of different competences is uneven. Sometime students have difficulties to imagine how to take advantage of research results (part of research VZ MSMO 160862). The goals of student practice training: to observe children and to enroll the development of special abilities, (pre)-concepts, to use in practice one of diagnostic activities with children. The development of construction with build is used as a one of the themes which can link all these goals.
This paper contains some results of diagnostic research on the difficulties that students who begin studies at the tertiary level encounter when doing proofs from a section devoted to applying definitions in proofs. The considerations concern the issues connected with understanding of the role of definition and understanding of the texts of definitions by students. In these considerations the examples of solutions given by students to two diagnostic tasks applied in the research are used.
W pracy tej omawiane są współczesne podejścia do problemu definiowania pojęć matematycznych uwzględniające ostatnie osiągnięcia nauk pedagogiczne - psychologicznych.
In the paper some modern approach to the methematical definition are investigated. This approach applying the last new results of the pedagogical and psychological sciences.
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