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Content available remote On continuous time version of two-phase cell cycle model of Tyrcha
We consider a model of two-phase cell cycle in a maturity-structured cellular population, which consists of a system of first order linear partial differential equations (transport equations). The model is based on similar biological assumptions as models of Lasota-Mackey, Tyson-Hannsgen and Tyrcha. We examine behavior of the solutions of the system along characteristics, give conditions for existence of invariant density, and compare results with outcomes of generation.
W artykule rozważamy matematyczny opis dwufazowego modelu cyklu komórkowego w populacjach ze struktura dojrzałości komórkowej. Model, którym się zajmujemy, składa się z układu dwóch równań rózniczkowych cząstkowych (równań transportu) i jest budowany na podobnych biologicznych założeniach co modele Lasoty-Mackeya, Tysona-Hannsgena oraz Tyrchy. Rozwiązania otrzymanego układu równań badamy wzdłuż charakterystyk, podajemy warunki wystarczające na istnienie gęstości niezmienniczej i porównujemy wyniki z wynikami badań nad modelem Tyrchy.
It is shown that for a typical continuous learning system denned on a compact convex subset of R[sup]n the Hausdorff dimension of its invariant measure is equal to zero.
Content available remote On residualities in the set of Markov continuous semigroups on C1
We show that the set of all stochastic strongly continuous semigroups on C1 such that limt-oo |||T(t) - Qx*||| = 0, where Qx* is one-dimensional projection for some state X*, is norm open and dense. Moreover this set forms a norm dense Gb if a state X* is strictly positive.
Sufficient conditions for the asymptotic stability of Poisson driven stochastic differential equations on a separable Banach space are presented. It is also proved that the lower pointwise dimension of a unique invariant measure is greater than or equal to log 2/ log 3.
An asymptotic convergence theorem for nonnegative operators on Banach spaces with a cone is proved. The general result is applied to a class of nonnegative operators on C^1 ([0, 1]).
Content available remote Positivity of Schilling functions
We prove that every non-trivial [L^1]-solution of the Schilling problem is either positive or negative almost everywhere on its support.
Let (w[sub l], w[sub 2],...,w[sub k];p[sub 1],p[sub 2],...p[sub k]) be an iterated function system (IFS for short) with continuous place-dependent probabilities, defined on a metric space (X, d). Assume that every closed ball in X is compact. Our main result is that the IFS has an attractive probability measure whenever the following three conditions are satisfied: (1) w[sub i] : X --> X is a strict contraction for every i = 1,...,k. (2) sum[...]p[sub i](x)p[sub i](y) > 0 for every x, y [belongs to] X. (3) There exists p > 0 in R such that [...] for every x, y [belongs to] X and j = l, 2,...,k. Note that we do not require the p[sub i]'s to be even uniformly continuous. This research was motivated by a question of Barnsley, Demko, Elton, and Geronimo, [1, p. 373], concerning IFS which satisfy only condition (1). We construct a family C of IFS which we use to answer the question. Our main result allows us to distinguish IFS in C which possess attractive probabilities.
Content available remote Attractors of multifunetions
We introduce the notion of a semiattractor and attractor for multifunctions and we show that they have properties similar to semifractals and fractals. Further we show a relationship between the multifunctions and transition functions appearing in the theory of Markov operators.
Content available remote Generic properties of continuous iterated function systems
It is shown that in the space of all nonexpansive continuous IFS's defined on a compact convex subset of R^n the family of asymptotically stable IFS's having a singular stationary distribution is generic.
We consider the asymptotic behaviour of Markov operators acting on measures, defined on a locally are [sigma]-compact metric space. We prove a new sufficient condition for the asymptotic stability of Markov operators. This condition is applied to stochastically peturbed dynamical systems, and iterated function system.
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