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Content available remote Evolutionary Sets of Safe Ship Trajectories: Evaluation of Individuals
The paper presents a description of the evaluation phase of the Evolutionary Sets of Safe Ship Trajectories method. In general, the Evolutionary Sets of Safe Ship Trajectories method combines some of the assumptions of game theory with evolutionary programming and finds an optimal set of cooperating trajectories of all ships involved in an encounter situation. While developing a new version of this method, the authors decided to use real maps instead of a simplified polygon modelling and also to focus on better handling of COLREGS. The upgrade to the method enforced redesigning the evaluation phase of the evolutionary process. The new evaluation is thoroughly described and it is shown how evaluation affects final solutions returned by the method.
Content available Multi-Objective Optimization of Motor Vessel Route
This paper presents an original method that allows computation of the optimal route of a motor vessel by minimizing its fuel consumption. The proposed method is based on a new and efficient meshing procedure that is used to define a set of possible routes. A consumption prediction tool has been developed in order to estimate the fuel consumption along a given trajectory. The consumption model involves the effects of the meteorological conditions, the shape of the hull and the power train characteristics. Pareto-optimization with a Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm (MOGA) is taken as a framework for the definition and the solution of the multi-objective optimization problem addressed. The final goal of this study is to provide a decision helping tool giving the route that minimizes the fuel consumption in a limited or optimum time.
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