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Content available remote Evolutionary Sets of Safe Ship Trajectories: Evaluation of Individuals
The paper presents a description of the evaluation phase of the Evolutionary Sets of Safe Ship Trajectories method. In general, the Evolutionary Sets of Safe Ship Trajectories method combines some of the assumptions of game theory with evolutionary programming and finds an optimal set of cooperating trajectories of all ships involved in an encounter situation. While developing a new version of this method, the authors decided to use real maps instead of a simplified polygon modelling and also to focus on better handling of COLREGS. The upgrade to the method enforced redesigning the evaluation phase of the evolutionary process. The new evaluation is thoroughly described and it is shown how evaluation affects final solutions returned by the method.
Content available remote Usage AIS data for analyzing ship's motion intensity
In preliminary unit of report were introduced order, structure and format of VDM code sended by the AIS VHF data link. Described the process of decoding combination of binary chains sentences describe from ITU R M. 1371.In principle unit analyse of ships intensity of movement in Gulf of Gda?sk used coded isoline on background of map as well as transverse intersection on a approach to harbour of Gdynia. Authors presented new generated and used method of processing of regular GRID net - designed to description of spatial expansion of ship intensity of movement. Authors circumscribed method of utilizations the VerticalMapper software Systemu to calculation the izoline of even ships intensity of movement, intersections of transverse, as well as principles of visualizations coded isoline on background of the map, according the author's software.
Content available remote Computational intelligence methods in the safe ship control process
The paper presents a synthesis of multistage ship's optimum control by the application of the dynamic programming to determine own ship's safe trajectory during passing other ships. The Bellman's functional equation for the control process of the own ship is given. The state constraint variables, in the form of a circle, parabola, ellipse or hexagon, formulated by neural networks as the encountered ship's domain, are put into the computer program as a separate procedure. The considerations are illustrated by examples of computer simulation by a PROGNEURAL programme for determination of the safe ship's trajectory in situations of passing a number of the objects recorded on the ship radar screen in real navigation situations at sea.
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