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Content available remote Mathematical Modelling of the Heald Shaft
The manufacturers of weaving equipment recently endeavour to minimise the necessary designing plays in the weaving loom mechanisms. One of the mechanisms most exposed to stress is the shedding motion that defines the held-shaft stroke. Its end part is the heald shaft. The heald shaft constitutes a problematic assembly of the shedding motion. The design employed presently is characterised by dynamic impact loading caused by designing play in the suspension of healds into the heald shaft. During weaving cycle, the healds fly between the main beams of the heald shaft, producing a considerable force pulse. This paper is concerned with the description of dynamic behaviour of the existing design on the basis of mathematical modelling and verification of obtained results by means of experimental analysis.
Content available remote Mathematical Model of the Heald with Damping Element
This study focuses on the analysis of the existing design solution of shedding mechanism. It is characterised by a heald attachment into the heald shaft with a necessary design allowance. The preparation of a mathematical model for the new concept of the heald attaching to the heald shaft frame is explained in this study. A damping element for dissipating the energy created during the heald impact on the carrying wire of the heald shaft is currently used for the high-speed weaving loom. This system makes use of a damping element, fitted in the profile of the rod at an optimum distance from heald eye. This element provides for reduction of the heald velocity before its drop upon the supporting wire because the opposite section of the heald is pressed into the rubber element. The calculated results of the new concept of the heald attaching to the heald shaft frame are compared with the existing solution without application of the damping element.
Content available remote Mathematical modeling of the system shedding motion – heald – warp
The paper is concerned with the description of a mathematical model meant for an analysis of the movement of healds during the weaving cycle. The referred model consists of a mathematical description of shedding motion, coupled with the solution of the heald model of a weaving loom. Principal designing elements of this component have been considered while devising this model. The affected calculations show a high value of acceleration of the heald produced after its drop upon the supporting wire. The referred model allows for analyzing a considerable part of designs of heald shaft that are employed in weaving looms nowadays.
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