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Content available Medical ethics in dimensions
There are topics that concern society on a narrow or wide scale, but ethics are permeated continuously throughout the society. Ethics is not only a discipline of practical philosophy examining the standards of human moral conduct, but in the professional level it is primarily a method of thinking and a sort of compass for the professional activity of an individual, in the dimensions of dignity, honour and conscience. It does not decide itself, but it provides opportunities for free choice of moral choice and voluntariness of action. Every field of human activity, and therefore also the field of health care, has its own moral imperatives, rules and norms, the observance of which is ensured primarily by conscience within the mechanism of self-reflection. We act in the background of conscience to preserve our moral integrity and honour, act so that we can respect ourselves and not lose the respect of others. It's not just expert knowledge, but above all an ethical human approach that makes a real and good health care professional. The reason for presenting our contribution is an outline of the current current discourse on medical ethics in the Czech Republic. Its source is the above-mentioned publication line, but above all the empirical practical experience of the author, reflected in the theoretical character of the article The open and still unresolved ethical dilemmas that doctors meet in their profession are many and for this reason the title of the article is conceived in the sense of an open name - medical ethics in dimensions, respectively. in the dimensions of perhaps never ending ethical issues concerning health.
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