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Content available remote Geographic Dijkstra-Based Multicast Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
Limited resources in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are the key concern that needs to be given a careful consideration when studying virtually any aspect of a sensor network. Therefore, energy demands and radio bandwidth utilization should be addressed, especially in one-to-many communication. It is evident that a need for centralized networkwide topology knowledge can jeopardize scarce energy resources of a sensor network. Thus, localized geographic multicast relies solely on locally available information about the position of current node, other nodes within the radio range and the location of destination group members. Greedy multicast routing procedures often transport messages along paths that may be far from being optimal. Therefore, Dijkstrabased Localized Energy-Efficient Multicast Algorithm (DLEMA) is presented, described with pseudocode, and discussed. DLEMA focuses on discovering energy shortest paths leading through nodes that provide the maximum geographical advance towards desired destinations. Local routes are followed owing to the use of a source routing technique. Additionally, the algorithm takes advantage of the broadcast nature of omnidirectional radio communication and utilizes perimeter routing to find a solution for local optimum situations. The analysis of the simulation results confirms interesting characteristics of the proposed algorithm.
The paper discusses localization of repair servers at the nodes of an unreliable packet-switched computer communication network, where the latter supports multicast traffic. It is assumed that the multicast traffic is carried in unreliable network, i.e., via unreliable communication channels characterized by failure probabilities. The problem of repair servers localization in a network with unreliable channels and multicast traffic may be considered as a problem of multicast efficiency in terms of network resource consumption and average packets delay introduced by the network. For the purpose of the paper it is assumed that the quality of multicast network in terms of network resource utilization is measured by average delay of transferred packets. The aim of repair servers localization at various nodes of the network considered is to decrease average packet delay delivered by the network.
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