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Content available remote Magnetic ordering schemes in R3T4X4 compounds
This work is an attempt of a systematization of the magnetic structures of the R3T4X4 (R - a rare earth atom, T - a transition metal, X - a p-electron element) compounds investigated by means of neutron diffraction in the course of a broader research programme . The experiments were performed for twenty samples containing Pr, Nd, Tb, Dy, Ho and Er. Although the determined structures display a huge variety, some regularities were found for them. The authors try to use different approaches in order to elucidate the observed behaviors and come to some conclusions concerning the factors responsible for the found magnetic ordering schemes.
Content available remote Magnetic ordering in ultrathin Co films grown on vicinal substrates
The magnetic anisotropy of ultrathin Au/Co/Au magnetic films epitaxially grown on vicinal monocrystalline (11-20) sapphire substrates with different miscut angles covered with a Mo buffer are investigated by means of ferromagnetic resonance and magnetooptical techniques. Changes of in-plane magnetic anisotropy symmetry were deduced from shape analysis of the magnetization curves and angular dependence of the resonance field measured in the sample plane. Two-fold and four-fold symmetry was observed for different miscut angles. The preference of the domain wall orientation is observed. The experimental data are discussed taking into account the following energy contributions: (i) shape anisotropy; (ii) perpenducular uniaxial anisotropy; (iii) and step-induced uniaxial anisotropy.
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