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According to the social expectations, the natural aggregates post-mining area in Waryś should be revitalized towards the water function and serve as a recreational area. The paper identified the features which characterize the post-mining area of “Waryś” mine and its surroundings. On the basis of these features evaluation of opportunities for recreation and leisure functions was conducted. The conducted analysis indicates that although this feature seems to be attractive for many reasons, from the point of view of economic efficiency it is not justified, as the necessary revitalization works will require incurring high capital investment costs necessary for proper formation of the recreation and leisure space and its surroundings. At the same time the possible financial benefits probably will not balance the amount of costs incurred for the maintenance of the infrastructure and objects serving the recreation and leisure functions. However, the risk of failure of the revitalization may be decreased by diversifying the form of shaped space, because various revitalization modes and/or functions may efficiently coexist with each other, thereby forming a synergy effect.
The conceptual model of a destination region is presented in this paper, with distinguishing a single node destination region, a multiple node destination region and a chained destination region. The model is developed from Dredge's conception (1999) and is based: (1) on the concept of whole tourism system (Leiper 1979); (2) on Christaller's central place theory; (3) on the concept of tourism area life cycle (Butler 1980); (4) on the concept of tourist attraction system (Leiper 1990); (5) on the concept of community attraction complex (Gunn 1972); (6) on the concept of circulation corridors which are relevant to patterns of pleasure trips (Lue et al. 1993). In this model, the tourism space is developed on the basis of the clusters of attraction complexes which are integrated by recreation routes. In the development process, the tourism space is filled in the tourism nodes formula and further - in the tourism districts formula. The presented model of a destination region may be used as a serviceable framework for the planning process, especially in the case of the fringe area in early phases of life cycle of tourism region.
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