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Nonlinear mechanics of a compliant beam system undergoing large curvature deformation

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A compliant beam subjected to large deformation is governed by a multifaceted nonlinear differential equation. In the context of theoretical mechanics, solution for such equations plays an important role. Since it is hard to find closed-form solutions for this nonlinear problem and attempt at direct solution results in linearising the model. This paper investigates the aforementioned problem via the multi-step differential transformation method (MsDTM), which is well-known approximate analytical solutions. The nonlinear governing equation is established based on a large radius of curvature that gives rise to curvature-moment nonlinearity. Based on established boundary conditions, solutions are sort to address the free vibration and static response of the deforming flexible beam. The geometrically linear and nonlinear theory approaches are related. The efficacy of the MsDTM is verified by a couple of physically related parameters for this investigation. The findings demonstrate that this approach is highly efficient and easy to determine the solution of such problems. In new engineering subjects, it is forecast that MsDTM will find wide use.
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Bibliogr. 40 poz., rys., wykr.
  • University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
  • University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
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