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Suwerenność państwa w warunkach globalizacji

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Sovereignty of a state in globalisation conditions
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Currently it is often said and written about a national state crisis. The symptoms of crisis phenomena are also visible in social order disturbances in western democracies. They are accompanied by an enormous technological advance – the result of information technology revolution. Social patterns of life and work dating back to the industrial era are now re-evaluated. The values of family life and community are often replaced by individualism. Also national state institutions face these changes. The author of the article analyses the conditions of this process in relation to the components of the classical definition of the state: the territory with the population inhabiting it and sovereign power. The territory has been recognised as one of the state sovereignty prerequisite. The changes in this relation have been pointed out. We observe armed conflicts the aim of which is not a territorial expansion. A broader understanding of the security notion, not necessarily connected with a military threat, influences the perception of a territory as a variable that conditions the sovereignty of a state. Qualitative and quantitative enlargement of the threat (danger) phenomenon is particularly visible, which is connected with improving means of waging war, violence escalation in public life, terrorism, new areas of poverty, technological lateness, social stratification, symptoms of losing human control of natural environment. In the analysis concerning changes of population factor that creates modern states, the notions of inhabitancy, nationality and citizenship have been characterised. The function of contemporary national state government has been described in the context of the state ability to ensure security on its own territory, ensuring guarantees of capital influx, supporting economic initiatives. The mentioned above phenomena that show the changes in the traditional areas of the state sovereignty allowed forecasting a possible direction of changes. There have been pointed out changes in the state sovereignty that will be accompanied with growing stratification in highly developed countries. Another important variable defining the relations between the welfare and backwardness will be a growing disproportion in economic development in different parts of the world. If this process is not stopped soon, then the growth of migration, culture mixing, integration processes can be forecast and also accompanying threats for western civilisation countries such as the growth of crime rate, aggression among culture enclaves and nationality groups. New forms of war and peace characteristic for globalisation era accompany the changes in the national state sovereignty.
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  • Kancelaria Prezesa Rady Ministrów
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