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A Model for Adhesive Frictional Contact

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French-Polish Seminar on Mechanics ; 14. ; International Conference on Modelling and Simulation of the Friction Phenomena in the Physical and Technical Systems "FRICTION 2006" ; 4. (5.06.2006 ; Warsaw, Poland)
Języki publikacji
The aim of this paper is to present a mathematical model which describes the quasistatic process of adhesive frictional contact between a deformable body and an obstacle, the so-called foundation. The material's behavior is assumed to be elastic, with a nonlinear constitutive law; the adhesive contact is modelled with a surface variable, the bonding field, associated to the normal compliance condition and the static version of Coulomb's law of dry friction. We describe the assumptions which lead to the mathematical model of the process and derive a variational formulation of the problem; then, under a smallness assumption on the coefficient of friction, we prove the uniqueness of the solution for the model.
Opis fizyczny
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