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Ductile Tearing Analysis in Overmatched Welded Joints

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French-Polish Seminar on Mechanics ; 14. ; International Conference on Modelling and Simulation of the Friction Phenomena in the Physical and Technical Systems "FRICTION 2006" ; 4. (5.06.2006 ; Warsaw, Poland)
Języki publikacji
Numerical analysis has been carried out to evaluate the ductile fracture in an overmatched welded joints case using a standard CT specimen. These investigations have been performed by analysing the monometallic, bimetallic and trimetallic configurations in order to compare global approaches (i.e. the J integral and CTOD) with a local approach (Rice and Tracey model). The different cases lead to a globally similar evolution of CTOD and of the J integral. These two parameters are not really affected when changing the configuration while the void growth ratio (R/Ro) is very sensitive to the strain and strain fields around the crack tip. Furthermore, according to the parameter (R/Ro) distribution at the crack tip, it seems possible to predict the crack propagation direction in the overmatched welded joints case.
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