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Journal of KONES

Tytuł artykułu

Experimental-numerical analysis of steel - foam energy - absorbing panels for road barriers modernization

Autorzy Niezgoda, T.  Ochelski, S.  Klasztorny, M.  Barnat, W.  Kiczko, A.  Dziewulski, P. 
Treść / Zawartość
Warianty tytułu
Języki publikacji EN
EN The works on steel -foam energy-absorbing structures for the road barrier W-beam guardrail were carried out because of the necessity of increasing the passive safety of road barriers [1-5]. A road barrier guardrail is made of steel sections. These types of sections are characterized by good strain properties, although their energy-absorbing abilities and possibilities for "softer" vehicle impact energy are unsatisfactory. In order to increase energy-absorption on the road barrier guardrail additional tin-foam sections were used. Experimental tests on the modifled road barrier guardrail were carried out on a testing machine INSTRON at the Faculty of Mechanics and Applied Informatics of the Military Academy of Technology. Two meters long W-beam guardrail was investigated in a three point bending test, perpendicularly and under the angle of 20°. As a result of the experimental research diagrams of dependence of bending force on displacement were obtained. On the basis of aforementioned diagrams the energy that was absorbed by individual road barrier elements: tin coating, foam insert and steel guardrail, was estimated. Obtained results of the experimental research were also compared with the results of the numerical simulation of the finite elements method in LS-DYNA system.
Słowa kluczowe
EN numerical simulations   road transport   road barriers   passive safety  
Wydawca Institute of Aviation
Czasopismo Journal of KONES
Rocznik 2010
Tom Vol. 17, No. 1
Strony 309--315
Opis fizyczny Bibliogr. 5 poz., rys.
autor Niezgoda, T.
autor Ochelski, S.
autor Klasztorny, M.
autor Barnat, W.
autor Kiczko, A.
autor Dziewulski, P.
  • Military University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanics Department of Mechanics & Applied Computer Science Kaliskiego 2 Street, 00-908 Warszawa tel.:+ 4822 683 9461,
[1] Niezgoda, T., Barnat, W., Computational and Experimental Study of Energy Absorption Metter by Composite Structures, Computional Methods In Engineering And Sciece, EPCMES X, China Tsinghua University Press & Springer, Sanya 2006.
[2] Niezgoda, T., Barnat, W., Analiza pasa bariery drogowej wzmocnionej elementami kompozytowymi w zastosowaniu do poprawy energochłonności elementów infrastruktury, Górnictwo Odkrywkowe, Nr 5-6, 2006.
[3] Niezgoda, T., Barnat, W., Dziewulski, P., Numeryczna analiza podatności elementów infrastruktury drogowej, I Kongres Mechaniki Polskiej, Warszawa 2007.
[4] Niezgoda, T., Kiczko, A., Barnat, W., Dziewulski, P., Validation of Numerical Models of Road Bariers Elements With The Use of Experimental Methods, Symposium on Advances in Experimental Mechanics, DANUBIA-ADRIA, Romania 2007.
[5] Niezgoda, T., Barnat, W., Dziewulski, P., Numeryczna analiza podatności elementów infrastruktury drogowej na przykładzie barier SP-01, SP-04 i SP-09, Journal of KONES, Vol. 14, No. 3, Warsaw 2007.
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