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Statistical analysis of experimental results in the in-plane shear test for a cross-ply vinylester-carbon laminate

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The study presents experimental studies on a regular cross-ply laminate of a [(0/90) F]4S configuration. Each layer is made of VE 11-M vinylester resin (the manufacturer: "Organika-Sarzyna" Chemical Plants) reinforced with aplain carbon fabric (the manufacturer: C. Cramer GmbH & Co. KG Division E CC). The carbon fabric has the following parameters: Styles 430, filament Carbon 6K, substance 300 g/m , warp and weft 400/400 tex, 3.7/3.7 band/cm. Laminate was produced by ROMA private enterprise using the vacuum molding technology and technological parameters developed by ROMA taking into account the VE l J-M material specification. A program of the experimental studies was aimed on statistical analysis of measurement results of the in-plane shear modulus and the in-plane shear strength of the laminate. In investigations, the in-plane shear test was carried out in accordance to the PN-EN ISO 14129:1997 standard [1], but applying the modified procedure that takes into consideration the results of the previous research on the influence of a traverse velocity and of a number of stress cycles on static measurements of the in-plane shear modulus [2]. The mean value, the standard deviation and the two-sided 95 percent confidence interval for the mean value for the investigated quantities have been determined. Practical usefulness ofthe manufacture technology of the laminate was assessed.
  • Military University of Technology Department of Mechanics & Applied Computer Science Gen. Sylwestra Kaliskiego 2 Street, 00-908 Warsaw tel: +48 22 6839039,fax: +48 22 6839355
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