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Estimation of the elastic earth parameters using the SLR LAGEOS 1 and LAGEOS 2 data

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We present results for the global elastic parameters (k 2, k 3) and (h 2, l 2) derived from the analysis of Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) data. The SLR data for two satellites, LAGEOS 1 and LAGEOS 2, collected over a period of two years, from 1 January 2005 to 1 January 2007, from 18 globally distributed ground stations are analyzed using different approaches. The analysis is performed for the two satellites jointly, and the four elastic parameters are estimated. We carry out a sequential analysis and study the stability of the estimates as a function of the length of the data set used. The adjusted final values for k 2 (0.3011±0.0001) and k 3 (0.0896±0.0037) and those for h 2 (0.6146±0.0006) and l 2 (0.0883±0.0003) for LAGEOS 1 and LAGEOS 2 tracking data are compared to the estimates derived in other studies.
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