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Design of centralized PI/PID controllers for processes with parameter uncertainty and interactions

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In this paper, design of centralized PI/PID controller for multi-variable, highly interactive processes is proposed. Interactive processes are always difficult to control due to coupling in inputs-outputs, and inaccurate choice of input-output pairing affects the performance, complexity, and cost of the control system. Practical difficulty in the tuning of centralized/decentralized PI/PID controller is raised due to methods based on trial and error. In this work, design rule and tuning procedure of the controller for multi-variable process with delay time are discussed without decomposing process model. The success of controller does not fully depend on the input-output pairing due to off-diagonal elements. The resultant controller can work with satisfactory performance even if the primary process parameters change significantly. Multi-variable processes with major interaction characteristics and time delays are employed to demonstrate the simplicity and strength of the method proposed.
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