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Assessment of Technogenic Loading on the Surface Water Bodies of the Separate Regions of the North-Western Black Sea

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The assessment of surface water quality and technogenic loading on the separate regions of the North-Western Black Sea, namely the Mykolaiv region, was performed in this work. The water quality assessment was conducted using the graphical method that allows determining the suitability of water for the certain types of water using, as well as the method of calculating a water pollution combinatorial index. The estimation of the technogenic loading is based on calculating a technogenic loading module. It was found that the surface waters of the Mykolaiv region do not meet the requirements of fisheries in relation to most quality indicators. According to various standards, this surface water quality in this region is characterized by the “polluted” – “very dirty” categories. A reduction of the technogenic loading by the volume of wastewater discharges since 2006 can be determined. According to the pollutant discharge indicators, a steady decrease of the level of loading has been noted since 2005, which is caused by a reduction of wastewater discharges.
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  • Faculty of Nature Protection, Odessa State Environmental University, 15 Lvivska Street, 65106 Odessa, Ukraine
  • Faculty of Nature Protection, Odessa State Environmental University, 15 Lvivska Street, 65106 Odessa, Ukraine
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