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O strategii i polityce w kontekście sił zbrojnych

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On strategy and politics in the context of armed forces
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We have been witnessing recently a widespread (if not everyday) use of the “strategy” notion. It is used by investors, businesses, industries, security agencies, sports clubs and many others. This is a specific incorporation of a term “strategy” by numerous environments, which initially meant the commanding of the troops by supreme commanders. These facts prove that so far there has not been found another as accurate term to define a conception, project and the need of coordination to use particular means to achieve the goals. It is obviously not possible to forbid anyone to use commonly used words that are available in dictionaries. The strategy problem still remains. The author presents a historical evolution of this term meaning in the context of politics and military sciences. The article is meant to encourage discussions on the topic of strategy, to define the area of politics, strategy, the operational art and tactics, and not to defend the term against its incorporation by various areas of activities. More and more often we can encounter expressions, not only in the media, as this may be explained as a lack of knowledge, but also in military publications that, for instance: a village of a strategic significance was captured, a strategically important building was taken over, or a path of strategic importance was used. Such an approach of military men may show a lack of professionalism, some nonchalance to use appropriate terminology. This problem may also be viewed from a different angle. There could be raised an issue if the division of the military art into strategy, operational art and tactics is still valid. This question is particularly important when in recent armed conflicts we withdraw from massive use of force and contemporary combat assets, we substitute linear operations with focal operations connected with selective precise strikes, frequently on very distant targets. Therefore it seems justified to consider matters relating to strategy and to find a new place for this term in science and practice.
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  • Akademia Obrony Narodowej
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